Information for Faculty and Staff

As a faculty or staff member, you contribute to educating some of the best engineering talent in the world. You also play an important role in helping students and employers connect during the job search/recruiting process.  In this latter role, it is important that you comply with labor laws related to equal employment opportunity, and help ISU maintain a recruiting environment that is fair to all students and employers. These materials were developed to help you understand your ethical and legal obligations and to assist you with career-related student development activities.

  • Essential Actions for Faculty and Staff

    • Follow FERPA regulations concerning students’ rights to privacy.
    • Before helping an employer connect with students concerning an employment opportunity, make sure the position is posted in CyHire so that all qualified candidates have an opportunity to apply.
    • Refer employers seeking to arrange a recruiting-related event to Engineering Career Services  Engineering Career Services will reserve space and publicize the event to students. Note: College of Engineering buildings are not to be used for recruiting purposes during the day (8a to 4p). This has the potential to interfere with the educational mission of the College and subject students to unwanted solicitation.
    • Allow individuals to speak to your class only when the activity aligns with your course objectives. Technical and professional development presentations that benefit your students are encouraged, but granting company representatives special access to your captive audience for the purpose of recruiting or increasing name recognition should not be allowed.
    • Do not participate in the selection process for interviews or job offers. The Department of Labor will view you as an agent of the company, which can implicate you and Iowa State University in lawsuits.  Also, other employers view this as an unfair practice.

    See College Of Engineering Policies for On-Campus Recruiting linked below for more information

Understanding the Recruiting Process at ISU – Learn more about the recruiting services offered to employers.

Engineering Career Services Responsibilities and Services – Not familiar with ECS?  Here is some introductory information.

College of Engineering Policies for On-Campus Recruiting – These policies were established to help ensure that the recruiting environment at ISU is fair to all students and employers.

CyHire – Faculty & Staff Access – All professional (co-ops, internship, and post-graduation) positions and recruiting events are posted in CyHire.  Faculty and staff are welcome to have an account to view the employment opportunities available to students and alumni.

Co-op and Internship Information – Learn more about supporting these important learning experiences.

Classroom Presentations – Looking to cover a career-related topic in your class? ECS would be happy to speak on the topic of your choosing.

Guidelines for Classroom Guest Presentation by Employers – When inviting employer representatives to address your class, make sure they provide your students with technical or professional develop information that aligns with the course objectives.

Career Development Best Practices Guidance for Students – When providing students career-related advice, please ensure that it is consistent with ECS’s information or contact us to discuss potential changes.

Career Fair Information – The College of Engineering Career Fairs are among of the largest engineering career fairs in the country. These events help students make meaning professional connections with numerous employers in a short amount of time.

Internship or Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program Request/Approval Form. – Before offering a student an internship, REU or Pre-Collegiate Experiential Learning experience at ISU, please review this information prepared by the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost and complete the approval form.


Career Outcomes and Salary Reports for the recent academic year can be found on the Statistics page and similar reports by semester can be found in the Engineering Library on SharePoint (login required).

Please contact Engineering Career Services if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.