On-Campus Interviewing

On-campus interviewing offers an excellent way for employers looking to fill co-op, internship, and full-time positions to connect with engineering students and graduates. Conducting interviews on campus makes it very convenient for busy college students and our data indicates it significantly improves recruiting success.  It is also often more cost-effective for employers since travel expenses are limited to those of the interviewer, and a significant number of interviews can be conducted one after another without interruption.

Employers can reserve interview space and manage their interview schedule(s) through CyHire. Engineering Career Services will provide assistance to guide you through this process and help make your on-campus interviewing as successful as possible.

  • Pre-Select Interview Scheduling – Interested candidates submit their resumes and other required documents though CyHire. Employers select candidates and send an invitation to interview. Candidates select an interview time that will work for them through CyHire.
  • Open Interview Scheduling – Interested candidates who meet the qualifications are allowed to select an interview time through CyHire without any pre-screening.
  • After Career Fair Scheduling – A large number of interviews take place on the day following a career fair. There are a number of advantages to interviewing on a day other than the busy day following the career fair, so we encourage employers to consider returning to campus at a later date.

Fall 2021 On-Campus Interviewing Information

Mass Interviewing: (the day after each in-person career fair):

  • Interviews on September 16th will be held in the Scheman Building.
  • Interviews on September 22nd will be held in the Lied Recreation Athletic Center.

A charge of $35 per table will be assessed which will cover a table for up to two representatives. Please note, lunch will be provided along with coffee and iced water throughout the day. To register for the day-after interviewing option, visit the ‘Events’ section of CyHire and complete the registration for the ‘Engineering Career Fair In-Person Mass Interviewing Fall 2021′. Information for employers participating in mass interviewing will be sent via email. Additionally, employers will receive their interviewing table number on the day of the career fair with finalized location information.

Private Room Interviewing: (throughout the semester after the career fairs)
The College of Engineering has ten interview rooms on the third floor of the Marston Hall that are available to employers for conducting interviews after the career fairs. Go to the ‘On-Campus Interviewing’ section of CyHire and click the ‘Request a Schedule’ button to submit a request form. No fees will be assessed for these days.

  • Conducting On-Campus Interviews: On the day of your interviews, plan to arrive at the location of your interviews (please check your CyHire reservation for the correct location) about 10 minutes early to check in.  When you check-in, you will be provided with a printout of your interview schedule and a package of the candidate resumes before being showed to your interview room(s).
  • Parking: Download map showing recommended parking options

Phone/Video Interviewing: (throughout the semester after the career fairs)
Phone and video interviews can be schedule through CyHire. If you are planning to conduct video interviews, you can use the platform of your choice and simply add your link into the CyHire request form. To schedule, go to the ‘On-Campus Interviewing’ section of CyHire and click the ‘Request a Schedule’ button. No fees are assessed for phone/video interview scheduling. If you need assistance creating an interview schedule or have questions about video interviewing, please let us know.


Photo of Marston Hall Photo of interview room in Marston Hall Photo of interview waiting area in Marston Hall

We look forward to working with you to meet your interviewing needs!