Mission & Policies

Mission Statement

Engineering Career Services will provide the highest level of professional and ethical service to our students, alumni, employers, and other constituents.  ECS is dedicated to providing students and alumni with the information, tools and support necessary for developing the career skills necessary to obtain gainful employment.  ECS will work to connect students, alumni and faculty/staff with employers by providing services that create opportunities to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships.

Professional Employment Practices Agreement

Recruiting privileges and services are extended with the understanding that professional employment practices will be followed. Iowa State University reserves the right to suspend services without notice. To help meet our legal, ethical and professional responsibilities regarding CyHire, on-campus, and off-campus recruiting, and to protect employers, students, and alumni, we ask that employer representatives commit to EACH of the following.

Equal Employment Opportunity, Discrimination and Harassment

Iowa State University provides equal employment opportunity and is committed to assuring that its programs are free from prohibited discrimination and harassment based upon race, ethnicity, sex, pregnancy, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, age (40 and over), marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, status as a U.S. veteran (disabled, Vietnam, or other), or any other status protected by university policy or local, state, or federal law. Any reported violations of equal employment opportunity laws or this policy are investigated.  Recruiting privileges at ISU are only granted to organizations that agree to abide by the Discrimination and Harassment Policy of Iowa State University through all aspects of recruiting, hiring, and employment of students: http://www.policy.iastate.edu/policy/discrimination/.

Job Postings and CyHire Access

Since Iowa State University operates an electronic job board (CyHire), EEO policy requires that all professional employment opportunities (internships and full-time) made available to our students be posted in the system.  This ensures that all students have an opportunity to learn about the position and apply if they are qualified.  Once posted in CyHire, employers are free to work with faculty, student organizations, etc. to further spread the word about the employment opportunity.

In accordance with the equal employment opportunity provisions, Engineering Career Services prohibits job postings that are in violation of any state or federal laws.  Additionally, postings are prohibited that require a student to make a financial investment or pay a fee prior to employment, or that raise a safety concern (such as providing personal information, posting a video or other information to a public site, etc.)

CyHire users must have an individual account and agree not to provide login, password or account information to anyone, or allow any other person or system access to their CyHire account.

Protection of Student Information in Accordance with FERPA Regulations

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was designed to protect the student’s educational record and status as a student.  A student has the right to control the release of their information and FERPA also limits the subsequent disclosure of the student information by a third party.  Therefore individuals or organizations will not transfer or allow any other person or system to transfer any student or alumni information or data obtained from the CyHire system to any third party, or to any system operated by a third party Application Service Provider (ASP) without the expressed, written permission of the student or alum.

Professional and Ethical Recruiting Practices

Organizations and individuals must use professional and ethical recruiting practices as stipulated by the NACE (National Association for Colleges and Employers) Principles for Professional Conduct (http://www.naceweb.org/principles/).  These practices include but are not limited to providing accurate and complete information about employment opportunities, and not using deception, pressure or intimidation to collect student information or secure commitments.

Job Offer Time Period

Job offers can be extended at any time, however, employers must give students at least three weeks to consider an offer.  Additionally, employers are encouraged to grant students additional time when requested and allow students an opportunity to participate in as much of the full recruiting season as possible before making an employment commitment. Career decisions are very important and it is in the best interest of all parties to allow students to explore opportunities and make informed decisions without undue pressure.  This policy helps to make job offer acceptance decisions final, protects the campus reputation of employers, and spreads recruiting activity beyond the first few weeks of the recruiting season.


While Engineering Career Services provides services to students and alumni, it is not responsible for any representations or guarantees with regard to job postings.  The University does not endorse or recommend employers, and a job posting does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation. Further, ECS is not responsible for wages, working conditions, safety or other work-related issues that may arise with an employer.  Students should seek legal representation and inform ECS if discrimination, harassment or other mistreatment is experienced in the workplace.