Additional Information for Students with Special Considerations

This supplemental information to the Student Guide to Employment was developed to address common and occasional situations faced by certain groups of individuals.   Individuals facing situations not covered here are encouraged to make an advising appointment with Engineering Career Services.

Military Veterans – In general, veterans have an advantage in the competition for employment, but some vets find it a challenge. The information linked below was prepared by ISU Career Services in collaboration with the ISU Veterans Center.
Supplemental Information for Veterans Seeking Employment

Individuals with Disabilities – A disability may have no affect on job performance or may be offset by strengths in other areas.  It is important to know when (if ever) and how to discuss a disability with a potential employer.  Engineering Career Services prepared the information linked below to address some of the special issues that students and alumni with disabilities face in the search for employment.
Supplemental Information for Students and Alumni with Disabilities Seeking Employment

International Students – Finding employment can sometimes be challenging since the employment practices followed in the U.S. may be different from those followed in other countries, and some employers choose not to hire international students.  However, many international students do secure employment and prospects continue to improve.  The document linked here was prepared by Engineering Career Services to guide international students interested in co-ops, internships and full-time employment in the U.S.
Supplemental Information for International Students Seeking Employment

Individuals Applying to Government Positions – In addition to the information and tips provided in Step 5 of the Student Guide to Employment, there are further factors to consider when applying for government positions.
Information on Applying to Government Positions