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CyHire is Iowa State’s centralized job posting service that provides all qualified ISU students equal access to professional employment opportunities. Thousands of engineering students and alumni use CyHire as their primary tool to search for positions.  Employers can use CyHire to post internship, co-op, and post-graduation opportunities for current students, recent graduates, and experienced alumni. This system also allows employers to manage company profiles, schedule on-campus or virtual interviews, advertise information sessions, and register for career fairs.

CyHire is free to employers and involves a quick and easy registration process. We require that each individual have their own account and log-in information. To register for a CyHire account or sign in to an existing account, click here: CyHire Log-In

Non-professional positions (i.e. positions that do not involve the practice of engineering) can be posted on ISU’s Student Job Board.

Creating a Job Posting in CyHire

Please see the steps below to create a job posting in CyHire. If you need any assistance with your job postings, reach out to our office at

  1. Log in to your CyHire account at
  2. Click the ‘Create Job Posting’ shortcut on the right side of the homepage.
  3. Fill out the form. Anything with a red asterisk must be completed.
    1. Enter as much of a description as you can. This is what students will read when deciding to apply or not.
    2. Start your GPA as low as you can and screen from there. We suggest starting around a 2.5 to 2.7.
    3. Enter each individual major you are looking for.  Do not put ‘College of Engineering’ as the major – this will be filtered out when students search for positions, so they will not see your job posting. Select specific engineering majors.
  4. Click ‘Submit’.
  5. When your job posting has been approved by career services, students and alumni will be able to apply!

For best results with your job postings, include information on the tasks, duties, and/or responsibilities that will be performed. The following are other great details you can include in your job posting, which can help increase the number of qualified students who apply:

  • Required Qualifications/Experience
  • Special Qualifications
  • Brief Overview of Company
  • Summary of Benefits

Hiring International Students

About 8% of undergraduate students and 57% of graduate students in the College of Engineering are international students. Approximately 35% of international students complete a co-op or internship during their time at ISU. View more information on the benefits of employing international students, guides for understanding visas and work authorization, and FAQs for hiring international students here:

The International Students and Scholars Office at Iowa State University also has several resources for employers to better understand the steps to hire international students with various visas for internship, co-op, or post-graduation positions. Check out this F-1 Employment Authorization infographic and the U.S. Employer’s Guide to Hiring International Students for more information!