Reporting Post-Graduation Outcome Data

(Note: The links are only active during the period that outcome data is being collected and changes each semester)

Engineering Career Services is responsible for collecting outcome (post-graduation) data to comply with the Department of Education’s Gainful Employment Regulations.  The primary purpose of this regulation is to ensure that educational institutions are awarding degrees that lead to employment that pays well enough for graduates to repay their student debt.  However, the employment information collected is useful in a number of other ways, which includes:

  • Supplying prospective students with information that they can use to make decisions about which career field to pursue and which educational institution to attend.
  • Furnishing graduating seniors and alumni information that they can use to evaluate the competitiveness of salary offers.
  • Providing the College of Engineering with information that can be used to evaluate the strength of the job market for engineers.

Completing the outcome survey only takes a few minutes and primarily involves indicating which of the following statements applies to your current situation:

  • I have accepted employment (employer, location and salary).
  • I have accepted a military appointment.
  • I have plans to attend graduate school (name of school).
  • I am considering offers.
  • I am seeking employment.

In addition to answering questions on your post-graduation plans, you will have the option to provide feedback on your educational experience at Iowa State University. While this information is extremely helpful for the University, it is not required that you complete this section of the survey.

Reminders to complete the outcome survey are sent via email a few weeks prior to graduation to all graduates and six months post-graduation to alumni who indicated they were considering job offers or seeking at the time of graduation.