Welcome to Engineering Career Services at Iowa State University

We take pride in helping ISU engineering students and alumni plan, prepare for, and launch successful careers. Additionally, we enjoy helping employers connect with ISU’s great engineering talent.  We are dedicated to equal employment opportunity and follow the guidelines established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Kellie Olson

Engineering Career
Services Director
515-294-7507 kelolson@iastate.edu

Joely Swenson

Experiential Education Coordinator
515-294-9536 jswenson@iastate.edu

Kate Cossa

Career Fairs and Student Development Coordinator
515-294-3553 kcossa@iastate.edu

Hannah Azmi

Campus Engagement Specialist
515-294-5082 hrazmi@iastate.edu

Kyndra Johnson

CyHire & Data Management Specialist
515-294-1731 kyndraj@iastate.edu

Travis Busch

Student Advising & Communications Specialist
515-294-0252 tmbusch@iastate.edu

Megan Rodenburg

Employer Engagement
515-294-2354 mroden@iastate.edu