Faculty Support of Co-op and Internship Students

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Importance of Internships and Co-ops

It is very important that engineering students have at least one internship or co-op experience on their resume.  Some employers require candidates for post-graduation employment to have had an internship or co-op and virtually all employers place high values on experiential work experience. The College of Engineering would like to see all undergraduate students have relevant engineering work-related experience prior to graduation. Faculty can support students in the co-op and internship program by:

How you can you help

  • Talking with students that will be starting an internship or co-op to help prepare them to begin what may be their first professional work experience.
  • Supporting interns if they have questions while on a work assignment.
  • Attending an intern project summary presentation that some companies organize.
  • Contact Engineering Career Services if you need help getting connected with an employer to attend a presentation.
  • Encouraging students to include elements of their work experience in honor projects.
  • Inviting intern and co-op students to talk about their work experiences in class.

Experiential Education Guide

This Experiential Education Guide was created for advisors to help answer any questions you may have. However, you are always welcome to contact our office should you have a question about the program.