First-Time CyHire Users

Logging In

All ISU students will receive login information within the first two weeks of the first semester they are enrolled.

Go to: CyHire Student Login

Enter your ISU username and password to log in. If you are a graduate of the College of Engineering and would like free, alumni access, contact Engineering Career Services.

Updating your Profile

Many of the fields in your profile have been automatically populated.  However, on your Academic Profile, you need to make a selection for the Work Authorization. Select the condition that applies to your institution.  U.S. citizens, permanent residents and others authorized to work in the US should choose “Authorized to work in the U.S. without current/future visa sponsorship.”

Keep your profile updated as these choices affect the results of the job searches conducted in CyHire.

Student User Guide and Tip Sheet

The Student User Guide for is located in the Resources section of CyHire. There is also a tips page for students and alumni on the Engineering Career Services website at: