On-Campus Interviewing Logistics

ISU’s College of Engineering has active relationships with many recruiters that conduct over 4,500 on-campus interviews each year.  On the day after the Engineering Career Fair alone, over 1,000 interviews are held.  Our fall semester recruiting season runs from mid-September to the first week of December.  During the spring semester, on-campus interviewing runs from the first week of February to the first week of May.

Interviewing On Campus

Typical on-campus interviews are 20 to 30 minutes in length and  follow this format:

  1. When the interviewer is ready, he/she will greet you and you will introduce yourself.
  2. The interviewer will present a short introduction that usually involves some background information on the interviewer, the company, and the position he/she is working to fill.  You should take a few notes during this time.
  3. The interviewer will then ask questions based on your resume, your interests, and/or how you have handled certain situations in the past.  He or she is looking to hear specific examples of behaviors from past experiences, not hypothetical or vague answers.
  4. After the interviewer has finished asking questions, you will be given a chance to ask a few questions.
  5. The interviewer will close with parting comments.  You will thank the interviewer for his or her time and ask about the next step of the hiring process if this has not already been addressed.

Be sure to review our information on Preparing for an Interview!

Locations of On-Campus Interviews

Day After the Career Fair

Many employers choose to interview on campus the day after the career fair. The location for these interviews varies depending on the semester, so make sure you check with the employer or ECS about where your interview will take place. A waiting area will be available during these interview days. You just need to have a seat, and the interviewer will come get you when he/she is ready.

All Other Days 

Interviews are held in the meeting rooms on the third floor of Marston Hall unless otherwise noted. There is no need to check in with ECS. Instead, you can simply put your belongings in the lockers next to the restrooms and have a seat in the hallway. The interviewer will call your name when they are ready for the interview. If you have not been called within 10 minutes of your interview start time, please inform ECS in 3200 Marston Hall.

Cancellation Policy

Students are required to provide 48-hour or more notice to Engineering Career Services if they need to cancel an interview.  If a late cancellation is unavoidable, the student should inform their college career services office as soon as possible and follow the ‘late notice/no show procedure’ explaining why the interview was missed.  By maintaining a positive relationship with the employer, the student may be able to reschedule the interview.  The decision to reschedule will be at the discretion of the employer. Download Cancellation and Late Notice/No Show Policy.

Reporting Concerns

In the unlikely event that an employer representative asks an inappropriate or illegal question, or otherwise exhibits unprofessional behavior, please report the incident to the Director of Engineering Career Services.