Engineering Career Services Responsibilities and Support

Engineering Career Services (ECS) provides support to students, faculty and employers in the following ways:

ECS delivers individual, group and on-line educational programming to students and alumni. ECS delivers presentations and leads discussions in Engineering 101 and other classes, learning communities, and student organizations. ECS also regularly presents workshops and seminars for students. (More information on presentations and our Don’t Cancel Class program)

  • CyHire – ECS delivers a complete portfolio of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring web-based tools with the CyHire system.
  • On-Campus Interviewing and Recruiting Events – ECS has a suite of meeting rooms on the 3rd floor of Marston Hall for employers to use for on-campus recruiting activities.  ECS also arranges information sessions and other recruiting events at the request of employers.

ECS facilitates several large career fairs each year.   Typically, these fairs fill the space in both Hilton Coliseum and the Scheman Building.  Engineering faculty are encouraged to visit the career fairs and network with employers.

ECS administers the College’s experiential education program in partnership with the CoE faculty and student advisors.  ECS works to recruit employers and establish learning expectations, works to connect employers and students, assists students with course registration, and manages the three assignments that students must complete.   Follow this link for a short list of suggested ways that faculty can support co-op and internship students.

One of the assignments that co-op/internship students and their supervisors/mentors must complete is a competency survey. Students use the survey feedback to identify strengths and weaknesses, and the College of Engineering uses the data in an aggregated form for continuous improvement activities.

The responsibility to collect and report student outcomes lies with Engineering Career Services.  ECS surveys students about their post-graduation plans at the time of graduation and six months post-graduation.  Students often express confusion or agitation about having to supply outcome data multiple times and sometimes refuse to provide information to ECS.  Departments are asked not to collect outcome data but instead to contact ECS to obtain the information needed.  You can view recent College of Engineering Outcome Data and All ISU Outcome Data. Reports for past years can be found on the College of Engineering intranet site.

Since the preparation and acquisition of talent is the cornerstone of the relationship that most companies have with ISU, ECS plays a significant role in the College of Engineering’s corporate engagement efforts.  ECS engages companies through on-campus recruiting, experiential education program vetting and administration, and company visits (both on and off campus).

All services are delivered free-of-charge to all students, faculty, alumni and employers. ** Note that employers are charged a registration fee to attend the career fairs.