Classroom Guest Presentations by Employers

Employers often express interest in making classroom presentations to increase their company name recognition on campus. Engineering Career Services is happy to assist with these requests because we know that they can greatly benefit our students. If you would like assistance locating an employer to speak to a class, please let us know and we will work to make the connection. To help us connect presenters with interested instructors, we ask employers to complete the form linked below, which we then forward to departments to see if there is an interest in giving the company class time. To help ensure that the academic requirements of the students are advanced, ECS developed the following guidelines for employers.

Guidelines for Classroom Guest Speakers

  • Class instructors are responsible for course content and classroom management.  They decide which guest speaker to invite based on learning objectives and schedule considerations.
  • Speakers are welcome to provide an introduction to their company/organization (~5 min.), but the focus of the talk must be a technical or career development topic.
  • Some classes may be a combination of engineering students and science or technology students.
  • In order to meet equal employment opportunity laws, any specific job opportunity discussed must be posted on our electronic job board (CyHire).This ensures that all qualified candidates on the ISU campus have an opportunity to learn of the job opening and apply.

Employers can make a request using an online form.