Classroom Speaker Request Form and Guidelines

(Intended for Company Representatives and Others Interested in Making a Classroom Presentation)

Thank you for your interest in making a presentation to ISU College of Engineering students.  The College highly values the partnerships that help to develop our students into world-class engineering talent.  The College encourages industry representatives to engage our students (and faculty) in a variety of ways including making technical and professional development presentations.  This form was prepared to address classroom presentation requests made through Engineering Career Services, since these requests often require special consideration to ensure that the academic requirements of the students are advanced.

Please read the following guidelines, fill-out the form below, and return a copy to Engineering Career Services.  We will forward the information to the engineering departments and inform you of any opportunities to present.  Please contact Engineering Career Services if you have any questions.


  • Class instructors are responsible for course content and classroom management.  They decide which guest speaker to invite based on learning objectives and schedule considerations.
  • Generally, talks should be approximately 20 minutes in length, but the course instructor and speaker may agree to a shorter or longer presentation/discussion time.
  • Speakers are welcome to provide an introduction to their company/organization (~5 min.), but the focus of the talk must be a technical or career development topic.
  • Presenters should work to engage both male and female students and be sensitive to racial issues.  To fill the projected demand for engineers, it is a goal of the College to encourage members of underrepresented groups (females and minorities) to pursue engineering careers.
  • Some classes may be a combination of engineering students and science or technology students.
  • Please model to our students the use of proper source citation.  Ethics, copyright laws, and courtesy to readers require authors to identify the sources of images, direct quotations and of any facts or opinions not generally known or easily checked.
  • In order to meet equal employment opportunity laws, any specific job opportunity discussed must be posted on our electronic job board (CyHire).  This ensures that all qualified candidates on the ISU campus have an opportunity to learn of the job opening and apply.

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