Step 5: Search for Specific Employment Opportunities and Research Target Companies

Step5_Targeting-CompaniesOnce your marketing campaign has been prepared, you are ready to begin looking for employment opportunities using CyHire, secondary sources and your network.  Use the job search spreadsheet developed in Step 3 to keep track of job opportunities at your target companies.

CyHire – Your Primary Source of Information

CyHire has search features that allow you to search for the jobs that you are qualified for and the system has a search agent feature that will regularly run a search and email the results to you.  It is important to use the search agent or to check CyHire regularly since new jobs are posted each day.  Once again, two major benefits of using CyHire are that 1) the companies posting positions on the system are specifically looking to hire ISU engineers and 2) all positions  posted at ISU will be on the system (unlike the bulletin boards located around campus).

More information on using CyHire for your job search can be found below and here.
Open CyHire in a new window

Using CyHire for Jobs Searches:


Secondary Sources of Information

While CyHire should be your primary search tool, you should also use secondary sources.  If you are particularly interested in specific companies, use their websites and/or social media sites.  The federal government uses exclusively.  Many direct website postings can be found easily by search engines and job aggregators.  If you use these websites, please always go directly to a company’s employment site to apply for positions.  Avoid applying for positions through 3rd party employment sites to avoid unsolicited email and contacts.

Government Engineering Positions: (Federal Government Jobs for 300+ agencies.)

Search tips for internships: Use the keywords, “Engineer Internship Program” to find many hits on engineering internships/co-ops.
Search tips for full-time positions: Use the keywords, “Engineer Recent Graduate” to find many hits on entry-level engineering positions for undergraduates and graduate students.

State of Iowa (State Government Jobs for Iowa)

Iowa Jobs (Iowa Workforce Development)

Job Aggregator Websites: Aggregators are web search engines that often use keywords and locations to gather and display job postings in an area.  When looking through results, we encourage you to view and apply to positions through the engineering company’s website.

Social Media: See our Advice on Using LinkedIn Effectively


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Step 5: Search for Specific Employment and Research Target Companies