Deciding Where to Apply and Applying to Graduate Schools

Deciding Where to Apply

Once you have done the research, eliminate schools from further consideration that don’t meet one or more of your requirements.  The list of schools still in consideration may need to be further reduced or prioritized.  There is a fee associated with each application so you will not want to apply to too many schools.  One approach is to rank the schools based on your preference, and then go down the list and indicate your chances of admission as high, medium or low.  Start selecting schools based on your preference but make sure the selected group has at least two schools where the chance of admission is high and no more than one where the chance of admission is low.  You can of course add more schools if you can afford additional application fees.

Applying to Graduate Schools

Applying to graduate/professional schools is much like the application process to get into undergraduate school with a few added steps. Most universities have an online application process where all of the required information is either entered or uploaded to the system.  Some systems allow you to start the process and come back to it to add and modify information, whereas others require you to submit all of your materials at one time.  All of the required information should be in the system by the application deadline. Application deadlines vary by program, and it is not uncommon for the deadline to be eight months prior to the entry semester.  It is to your advantage to complete the application process early, so start the process well in advance of the deadline.

You will need to complete the following prior to starting the application process.

Preparation Checklist