How to Register a Co-op or Internship

M.A. Mortenson 2 Summer 2018


Congratulations on your co-op or internship offer! After accepting the position, you need to complete the Experiential Learning Application in CyHire and add the appropriate ‘R’ credit course(s) (zero credit, pass/fail) to your AccessPlus schedule.

Important Information to know before you apply

Please see the chart below for information on when your registration form is due. The due date is based on the time period when your experience will start.

Registration Form Deadlines and Start Times

Registration Form Deadlines and Start Times
Semester Deadline to Complete Registration Form Deadline to Add Course to AccessPlus Deadline to Start Work
Spring January 9 January 16 February 1
Spring/Summer January 9 January 16 February 1
Summer May 12 May 19 June 1
Summer/Fall May 12 May 19 June 1
Fall August 7 August 14 September 1

What you will do for the course and how it benefits you

  • The course is a Satisfactory/Fail course(s) which entails three easy but important surveys that should only take you one hour total to complete throughout your experience.
  • These will help ensure that you have a good work/learning experience.
  • For graduate students, you need to work with your major department and professor to register your experience.
  • No tuition or fees are charged by the College of Engineering for these course(s), and full-time student status is retained. (international students will continue to pay health insurance fees) (If you are working in the Ames area and want to use the recreation facilities, you will have to pay for that.)

Register for the Course and Review the Syllabus

After your registration form has been reviewed and approved by ECS and your academic advisor, you will receive an email containing instructions on how to add the course(s) to your schedule in AccessPlus. If you haven’t added the course to your schedule by the deadline, you risk not maintaining full-time student status and not having your experience documented.

Common Questions

Housing information can be acquired from the employer. You can ask your employer if they have other interns that you could possibly live with.

Scholarships are usually just put on hold until the semester you return. Check with the Financial Aid Office and/or the Scholarship coordinator in the Engineering Student Services Office (515-294-7186 or for specific information.

Additional Information

Completing the Registration Form

  1. Log into CyHire and in the navigation bar near the top of the page click “Experiential Learning” then “Application”.
  2. Click the “Add New Application”
  3. In the “Experiential Learning Type” field select “College of Engineering” and wait for the form to refresh.
  4. Complete the rest of the form then click the “Submit Application”
    • Be sure to have your offer letter & description ready to upload.
Image showing an example of the start of an Experiential Education Application
  • ISSO

    International Students

    International Students Only: Visit with ISSO to arrange CPT for your work experience.

  • Generic Laptop

    Add Emails to Address Book

    Add and to your email address book and watch for the survey emails from these addresses. Please check your junk mail if you’re not receiving any emails. You can also refer to the assignment module in Canvas for the directions.

Other Items to Take Care of

  • If you have a college of engineering scholarship, contact the Student Services Office at  or they are located at 1300 Marston Hall
    • Scholarships will never be taken away, just put on hold until you return to campus
  • If you have financial aid or other university scholarships, contact the Financial Aid Office at or they are located at 0210 Beardshear Hall, 515-294-2223
    • You might not receive financial aid since you aren’t paying tuition for the intern/co-op course, however please check with Financial Aid to be certain
  • If you need to change your university housing or dining contract, contact the Department of Residence at 2419 Friley Hall, 515-294-2900, or