Employers seek a diverse workforce and may ask faculty and staff for help with minority recruiting efforts.  Employers are allowed to give preferential treatment to a group of potential job candidates only when they have an affirmative action program in place or a restriction is based on a bona fide occupational qualification (e.g. need for a female counselor).  Any exclusionary language in a job description is investigated by Engineering Career Services and once a position is posting in CyHire to ensure equal employment, it is appropriate to take extra steps to inform members of protected groups about a position.

While it is lawful and ethical to assist employers in reaching out to minority groups, it is inappropriate to identify only those individuals known to be members of a specific group.  ISU faculty and staff have an obligation to provide a “fair” (open and inclusive) system, where all students have access to information about career opportunities.  The goal of affirmative action is to enlarge the candidate pool – not to limit it to a specific group or individual.

Suggested Action

If a request for assistance connecting with minority candidates is received, ask the employer to first post the employment opportunity in CyHire.  Direct them to Engineering Career Services if they need assistance, or forward the request to ECS and we will contact the employer.  Once the opportunity is posted in CyHire, it can be announced to classes and minority student organizations.