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Placement, Salaries & Demographics

The reports and other information linked below provide information about the placement rates, salaries, and demographics of engineering and other ISU students.    

Full Time Placement and Salary Statistics for ISU Engineering Students

2013-2014 Outcomes @ Graduation (BS-MS-PhD)

2012-2013 Outcomes @ Graduation (BS-MS-PhD)

2013-2014 Six-month Follow-up Report (BS-MS-PhD)

2012-2013 BS Summary Six-month Follow-up Report

2012-2013 MS Summary Six-month Follow-up Report

2012-2013 PhD Summary Six-month Follow-up Report

Past Full Time Salary Information

Internship and Co-op Salary Statistics for ISU Engineering Students

2013-2014 Intern/Co-op Salary Report

2012-2013 Intern/Co-op Salary Report

2011-2012 Intern/Co-op Salary Report

Past Co-op/Intern Salary Information

Salaries Report & Calculator from the National Association of Colleges and Employers

NACE Salary for Web Fall 2011

NACE Salary Calculator Center

Student Placement, Enrollment, Demographics and Other ISU Information

Iowa State University Placement Report (All Colleges)

ISU Office of the Registrar Enrollment Statistics by Major – Gender, Ethnicity & Residency

ISU Fact Book - All the important information about ISU is collected in this resource.