How to Register

You have an internship, now what? You will need to register for the appropriate ‘R’ credit course. Ex; 396, 397, 298, 398, 498. You need to:

  • Download the  Course Syllabus 2015
  • Fill out the Employment Acceptance Form (Be sure to attach your offer letter and or your job descriptions. Failure to do this will slow the process down)
  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss the position.  You must bring a copy of your offer letter to this meeting
  • Once your internship is approved, you will receive an email from with information on how to register.

When registering for an internship, co-op or summer work experience you are signing up for an academic class. The following will apply:

  • You will be considered a full-time student
  • Unlike other schools, you will not be charged tuition and/or other fees
  • It is an R credit (zero credit) course that will appear on your transcript
  • The course is a Satisfactory/Fail course that is graded on the completion of three easy assignments.  More information can be found on the course syllabus.

         Registration Deadlines

Semester Registration Form Due Date Work Start By Date
January 30 February 2
January 30 February 2
May 31st June 6
May 31st June 6
August 31
September 5