• The Alphabots with their state championship trophy and certificates.
    Meet the AlphaBots

    In May, the AlphaBots will represent Iowa in the American Dream Invitational in East Rutherford, NJ. Ahead of their trip, we asked them a few… Read More

  • Meet The SnapDragons

    In June, the SnapDragons will represent Iowa in the Western Edge FIRST LEGO League Open in Long Beach, CA. Ahead of their trip, we asked them… Read More

  • The Coding GOATS in their pit at FIRST World Championship
    Meet The Coding GOATS

    In April, the Coding GOATS represented Iowa in the FIRST LEGO League Festival at the FIRST World Championship in Houston, TX. Ahead of their trip, we asked them a few questions about their season this year. Read More

  • Iowa FIRST Teams 2023-2024 Season

    The 2023-2024 FIRST season is coming to a close and we want to recognize the teams in Iowa who competed this year. The following maps show the counties in Iowa where teams in all programs are from. Congratulations to all teams who competed in the 2023-2024 season! Read More

  • FIRST LEGO League Iowa State Championship Award Winners (Saturday)

    The Iowa State Championship for FIRST Lego League was held on January 27, 2024 and January 28, 2024 at Iowa State University. The following is the list of the award winners from the Saturday Event. Read More