The ocean is more than what you can see on the horizon. Beneath the surface lies our planet’s most complex ecosystems, full of life and potential for exploration and learning, where each inhabitant has a role to play in building a thriving environment.

During the 2024-2025 FIRST season, FIRST® DIVE presented by Qualcomm, teams will use their STEM and collaboration skills to explore life beneath the surface of the ocean. Along the way, we’ll uncover the potential in each of us to strengthen our community and innovate for a better world with healthy oceans. Join us as we explore the future.

Team Grant Opportunities

If you want to start a team but need help getting started financially, many grants are available through sponsors partnering with FIRST. Keep in mind that most grants require that you apply before registering as a team with FIRST.


Resources from FIRST

The 2024-2025 online resources will be released on August 6. They include:

  • LEGO build instructions
  • Challenge overview
  • Tutorial videos
  • Guided mission

2024-2025 FIRST LEGO League SUBMERGED Season Reveal Video

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