When planning for an international experience, it is important to remember that costs associated with programs can vary.  Program budgets are listed for each program in ISUAbroad.  While programs typically fall into one of the following three categories, please view the specific budget for individual programs for more information:

1.    Exchange – Pay your normal Iowa State tuition and fees to Iowa State, same as if you were on campus; room and board are paid to the host school.
2.    Group/Regents/Semester-in – A “flat rate” for each of these programs that are independent of your residency status at Iowa State.  For many of these programs Non-Iowa residents (i.e. out of state students) can save money!
3.    Summer Programs – The fee structure for summer programs varies greatly between programs – please check the specific budgets.

The Iowa State Financial Aid Web site has information about using your financial aid towards an international experience.  They also have a financial aid officer who meets specifically with students who will be participating in an international experience. Your financial aid may be able to be applied to your study abroad experience. However, it is important to verify how your aid will be applied. Students are encouraged to file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) if you haven’t already done so.

Scholarship Opportunities:
–   Engineering Study Abroad Scholarship Application – complete one application to be considered for multiple College of Engineering Scholarships

–    Society of International Engineers Study Abroad Scholarship

–    Agricultural &  Biosystems Engineering Study Abroad Scholarship (for Iowa State ABE majors)

–    Languages & Cultures for Professions (LCP) Global Scholarship
–    Gilman International Scholarship

–    Freeman-ASIA Scholarship

–    Boren Scholarship

–    Institute for International Education (see “opportunities and deadlines”)

–    Fund for Education Abroad

There are also scholarships available through Iowa State University listed in ISUAbroad.  To learn more about these options, search for “Scholarship Opportunities” in ISUAbroad.

All students studying abroad should authorize direct deposit of your financial aid via AccessPlus so that there is not a significant delay in obtaining funds received through scholarships or financial aid.