Promoting international experiences to students through presentations to engineering classes is an effective way to encourage students to consider or pursue studying or working abroad.  Presentations are given by students in the Engineering TAPA Team (Talking About Programs Abroad).  The TAPA Team is a group of ISU Engineering students who have studied or worked abroad and want to share their international experiences with others.

Engineering International Programs sponsors TAPA Team workshops each semester to prepare the TAPAs for a variety of presentations including: 101 classes, information fairs, presentations to prospective students and parents, orientations, and others.  The TAPA Team annually reaches about 8,000 people!

We can customize presentations to fit your needs by varying length of from 7-10 minutes or an entire class period as well as selecting specific students based on major, study abroad location, etc.  Just let us know your needs and we are happy to make arrangements.
Please contact us at to schedule a presentation for your students!