1. Start the information gathering process TODAY. It is never too soon to start planning your international adventure. Sign up (hyperlink to “Schedule an Appointment Information Meetings) for an Information Meeting to learn more about selecting a program and the application process.

2. After reviewing the engineering programs  listed on our website or in ISUAbroad, select your top 2-3 programs.

3. Contact the Program Coordinator assigned to the programs that you are interested in. They have the best information relating to the location, educational institution, course credit transfers, application and selection process and deadlines.

4. Make an appointment with your advisor to talk about your academic needs and interests relating to course selection.

5. Start the Application Process:

  • Complete an application in ISUAbroad
  • Applications are reviewed by the Program Coordinator and successful candidates will be “Accepted” or “Nominated by Iowa State” to participate in the program.
  • Accepted and Nominated students will complete additional items in ISUAbroad, including but not limited to the items listed in the section below.

Accepted and Nominated Students:

  • Apply for your passport (or make sure the expiration date is at least 6 months past the end date of your program)
  • Apply for your visa, if necessary
  • Make a realistic budget
  • Make housing arrangements, if necessary
  • Contact the Travel Nurse to determine whether you need an appointment
  • Check your health insurance coverage
  • If your family completes a FAFSA, make an appointment with your Financial Aid officer
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Learn about where you are going
  • Learn more about where you will be studying
  • If you have Iowa State housing, contact the Dept. of Residence to confirm housing upon your return
  • Participate in Pre-Departure Orientation sessions provided by your Program Coordinator.
  • Prepare to be an ambassador for Iowa State and the United States while you are abroad.

For details and other great travel tips, please visit the Study Abroad Student Handbook.