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  • Spring 2022, Volume 16 (PDF) | View magazine on
    • In this issue: Student innovation Center; Writing the script on cyber security; To the tune of engineering; Complex connections in AMR; Slicker than ice; New centers; Amy Kaleita named chair of ABE
  • Fall 2021, Volume 15 (PDF) | View magazine on
    • In the issue: Artificial Intelligence for Breakthrough Innovations; Wireless Living Lab; More than the Sum of its Parts; Powerhouse of the Cell, Key to New Treatments; Biomanufacturing Better Treatments; Tapping Smart Meters’ Potential for Grid Resilience
  • Spring 2020, Volume 14 | View magazine on
    • In the issue: Nanostars guide the way to better disease treatment and diagnosis; Boeing Undergraduate Research Fellowship program takes flight; Engineering sustainable, safe food from the field to the table; Virtual reality, real cybersickness; Smorphacade
  • Fall 2020, Volume 13 | View magazine on
    • In the issue: Engineering Innovations for a Better World; Sensors for Closed Systems Open Up Possibilities in Biotech; Filling the GAPS; Storage Systems Keeping Data Safe; Engineering Probiotics to Fight Illness; In This Together; Beyond Batteries; All About (DATA) Connections; News Bites
  • Spring 2020, Volume 12 | View magazine on
    • In the issue: Illuminating Invisible Injuries with High-Impact Research; Growing Collaboration: Optimization and machine learning meet plant genomics; 3-D Printing Concrete Rapid Solutions with a Steady Material; Nondestructive Direction New Center Director, Continued National Leadership; Expect Turbulence; New Materials for Nuclear Reactors; News Bites and Sidebars 2020
  • Fall 2019, Volume 11 | View magazine on
    • In this Issue: In A Heartbeat: Machine learning speeds up heart-valve simulations; Something in the water: improving disinfection to protect public health; 2019 NSF CAREER Award Winners; Engineering health at the breakfast table; Raj Raman; Autonomous Flight: Building Tomorrow’s Air Traffic Control; News Bites and Sidebars 2019
  • Spring 2019, Volume 10 | View magazine on
    • In this Issue: By the Numbers 2017-18; Smart Energy for Efficient Space; Data-Driven Modeling for a Smart, Resilient Grid; Game Theory to Quantify Threats of Power Grid Cyberattacks; Model Future: Optimized Electric Power System Planning; Better Ceramics: Cleaner, Greener Technologies; Data Recovery Tools for the Big Data Age; Robotic Plant Measurements Roll Toward Data-Driven Agriculture; NewsBites and Sidebars
  • Fall 2018, Volume 9 | Fall 2018 Text Version
    • In this Issue: Philanthropy jump-starts research innovation; 2018 NSF CAREER Award Winners; NSF CAREER project in progress; Smart material gets stronger when stressed; Advancing biorenewables processing for a sustainable, agriculture-powered future; Boosting diversity in engineering with evidence-based strategies
  • Spring 2018, Volume 8 | Spring 2018 Text Version
    • In this Issue: Flexible, water-repellent graphene circuits for washable electronics, Safety systems for autonomous flight; Noninvasive treatment of medical implant infections; Mapping paths to productive plants; Cyber Everywhere: New Tools to Optimize and Secure the Internet of Things; Video Extras
  • Fall 2017, Volume 7 | Fall 2017 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: New Research Strategic Plan Identifies Areas of Excellence; Bubbling With Renewable Fuel; New Nylon, New Possibilities; Data Driven; Middle Ground; Firm Foundations; Modern Grid; Educating Tomorrow’s Engineers; At-Home Disease Testing
  • Spring 2017, Volume 6 | Spring 2017 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: Self-Destructing Batteries; Increasing Electrical Steal Performance; Safer, More Sustainable Aviation; Characterizing Antimicrobial Resistance; Ecosystems of Support; Ashfaq Khokhar; FactBoard: Visualizing Data; Jump-Starting Battery Advancements
  • Fall 2016, Volume 5 | Fall 2016 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: ATHENA Lab Augments Human Capabilities; Engineering Better HealthNanostructures and Lego® BricksMaking Progress Toward Invisibility Cloaks; A New Model of Engineering EducationGül Kremer to lead Iowa State’s Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems EngineeringThe Road to Biorenewable Asphalt
  • Spring 2016, Volume 4 | Spring 2016 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: Power Management in Smart Robots; Market-ready Solutions; Engineers, Elementary Educators and Future Teachers Partner to Teach STEM; More Data, More Vulnerabilities; New Heights for Material Science; Leadership in Multiphase Flow Discovery, Education and Practice
  • Fall 2015, Volume 3 | Fall 2015 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: Customized Products, Processes; A Faster Way to Optimal Solutions; Easing Traffic Headaches; Materials Under Extreme Conditions; Soil and Water Samples Illuminate Antibiotic Resistance
  • Spring 2015, Volume 2 | Spring 2015 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: Changing Cancer Treatment; Shifting the Paradigm of Biorenewable Chemicals; Taking CyberInnovation to the Farm; Wind Characterization Leads to New Innovations; Strong Enough to Withstand Earthquakes
  • Fall 2014, Volume 1 | Fall 2014 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: A Smarter Power Grid; Reducing the Cost of Wind Energy; Revolutionizing Disease Prevention and Treatment; Advancing Production in Large-Scale Industries; A New Kind of Solar Cell

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