Cyclone Engineering Research

  • Spring 2017, Volume 6 | Spring 2017 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: Self-Destructing Batteries; Increasing Electrical Steal Performance; Safer, More Sustainable Aviation; Characterizing Antimicrobial Resistance; Ecosystems of Support; Ashfaq Khokhar; FactBoard: Visualizing Data; Jump-Starting Battery Advancements
  • Fall 2016, Volume 5 | Fall 2016 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: ATHENA Lab Augments Human Capabilities; Engineering Better HealthNanostructures and Lego® BricksMaking Progress Toward Invisibility Cloaks; A New Model of Engineering EducationGül Kremer to lead Iowa State’s Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems EngineeringThe Road to Biorenewable Asphalt
  • Spring 2016, Volume 4 | Spring 2016 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: Power Management in Smart Robots; Market-ready Solutions; Engineers, Elementary Educators and Future Teachers Partner to Teach STEM; More Data, More Vulnerabilities; New Heights for Material Science; Leadership in Multiphase Flow Discovery, Education and Practice
  • Fall 2015, Volume 3 | Fall 2015 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: Customized Products, Processes; A Faster Way to Optimal Solutions; Easing Traffic Headaches; Materials Under Extreme Conditions; Soil and Water Samples Illuminate Antibiotic Resistance
  • Spring 2015, Volume 2 | Spring 2015 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: Changing Cancer Treatment; Shifting the Paradigm of Biorenewable Chemicals; Taking CyberInnovation to the Farm; Wind Characterization Leads to New Innovations; Strong Enough to Withstand Earthquakes
  • Fall 2014, Volume 1 | Fall 2014 Text Only Version
    • In this Issue: A Smarter Power Grid; Reducing the Cost of Wind Energy; Revolutionizing Disease Prevention and Treatment; Advancing Production in Large-Scale Industries; A New Kind of Solar Cell

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