Valery Levitas


Anson Marston Distinguished Professor in Engineering and Vance Coffman Faculty Chair
Mechanical Engineering (Second appointment)
Faculty Scientist, Ames Laboratory


2351 Howe
537 Bissell Rd.
Ames, IA 50011-1096


PhD position in modeling of the interaction between phase transformations and plasticity

PhD position(s) is available immediately in the Engineering Mechanics program in Aerospace Engineering Department at Iowa State University to perform theoretical and computational part of work on NSF-funded projects on the interaction between phase transformations and plasticity. Phase-field, micromechanical, and macroscale simulations using FEM are of interest, in close collaboration with high-pressure experiments performed in our lab. Please send vita to Prof. Valery Levitas ( ).



Dr. – Engineer habilitation, Continuum Mechanics, University of Hannover, 1995

Dr. of Sciences, Continuum Mechanics, Institute for Electronic Machinebuilding, Moscow, USSR, 1988

Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Institute for Superhard Materials, Kiev, USSR, 1981

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Kiev, USSR, 1978

Awards and Honors

  • Khan International Medal Award for outstanding contributions to the field of plasticity, 2017.
  • ISU Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research, 2016.
  • Richard von Mises Award of GAMM (Society of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics), 1998.
  • International Journal of Engineering Sciences Best Paper Award, 1995.
  • von Humboldt Foundation Fellowship, Germany, 1993-95, 2012.


Undergrad: EM 274 Statics, EM 324 Mechanics of Materials, ME332 Engineering Thermodynamics II.

Graduate: EM566 Phase Transformation in Elastic Materials, EM 567 Nanomechanics of Materials, EM 586 Micromechanics of Structural Changes in Materials, EM 590 Phase Field Approach, EM 585 Continuum Mechanochemistry, EM 572 Mechanics of Interface and Surface-Induced Phenomena, EM 580 Phase Transformations and Plasticity, EM 584 High Pressure Mechanics and Phase Transformations.


Interest Areas:

    • Materials under high pressure and large plastic deformations/experiments with rotational diamond anvils/phase transformations/four-scale theory and simulations (atomistic, nano- and microscale phase field, and macroscale).
    • Phase field approach/phase transformations in solids, melting-solidification, twinning, dislocations, fracture, shear bands, surface- and interface-induced phenomena.
    • Interaction between phase transformation and plasticity.
    • Material instabilities under stress tensor/atomistic simulations/phase field approach/nonlinear elasticity.
    • Energetic and superhard materials.
    • Shape memory alloys.

Selected Sponsored Projects at ISU: $12.1M ($5.0M personal) total from 21 grants including 20 federal (NSF (8), ARO (4), ONR (4), DARPA (1), DTRA (1), DOE (1), AFOSR (1)) and 1 foreign.

    1. Plasticity, Phase Transformations, and their Interaction under High Pressure: Coupled Experiment, Theory, and Simulations for Silicon. 05/2020-04/2023, NSF, CMMI, $500,000.
    2. Deformation of Metals under High Pressure: Multiscale Stress Fields, Plasticity, and Phase Transformations.  08/2019-07/2022. NSF, DMR, $450,001.
    3. Prestressing Metal Fuel Particles for Enhanced Reactivity. With Pantoya M.L. (Texas Tech) 01/2019-12/2021. ONR $450,000 (Levitas V.I. $188,875)
    4. Phase transformation-related phenomena under compression and shear of ceramics.  05/2017-04/2020. ARO, $450,000
    5. High Pressure and Large Shear Deformation System for Materials Research. 08/2017-02/2019. ARO, DURIP, $144,295; Materials Study under High Pressure, Strain Rates, and Large Deformations.  06/2021-05/2022. ARO, DURIP, $134,010
    6. Optimization of Micron-Scale Aluminum Reactivity for Dynamic Loading. With Pantoya M.L. (Texas Tech).  09/2016-08/2018, ONR, $450,000 (Levitas V.I. $212.500)
    7. Interactions of Multiple Phase Transformations and Dislocations: Modeling and Simulation from Atomistic to Microscale. With Xiong L. 08/2015-12/2019 NSF CMMI $421,001 (Levitas V.I. $218,500)
    8. DMREF/Collaborative Research: Search for and Synthesis of Nanostructured Superhard Phases in BCN System under High Pressure and Shear: Multiscale Theory, Simulation, and Experiment. With Goddard W.A. (Caltech) and Ma Y. (Texas Tech) 08/2014-07/2018 NSF DMR, $1,000,000 (Levitas V.I. $333,333)
    9. New Pathways toward Metastable Solids through Moderate Pressure and Large Plastic Shear: Multiscale Simulations and Experiments. With Goddard W.A. (Caltech) and  Ma Y. (Texas Tech) 08/2013-02/2017 DARPA $1,000,082 (Levitas V.I. $350,000)
    10. Virtual Melting and Amorphization as Mechanisms of Plastic Flow, Fracture, and Phase Transformations. 08/2010-08/2014 NSF CMMI $312,000.


Selected Publications: (of 444 pubs. including 285  journal papers, 11 book chapters, 3 books, 11 patents; h-index (Google): 60)  Link to full texts

  1. Levitas V.I. Phase transformations, fracture, and other structural changes in inelastic materials. International Journal of Plasticity, 2021, Vol. 140, 102914, 51 pp., invited review.
  2. Pandey K. K. and Levitas V. I. In situ quantitative study of plastic strain-induced phase transformations under high pressure: Example for ultra-pure Zr. Acta Materialia, 2020, 196, 338-346.
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Link to 444 scientific papers, including 3 books, 11 book chapters, and 285 refereed journal papers, along with 11 patents