Singh, Asheesh

Asheesh Singh image Professor [AGRON]

Department of Agronomy

Faculty | ABE Adjunct, Affiliate and Courtesy Faculty Agronomy

Islam, Judith

Judith Islam image

Assistant Teaching Professor

Faculty | ECpE Faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering SE Faculty Software Engineering

Pramanik, Manojit

Manojit Pramanik image

Associate Professor

Faculty | ECpE Faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering

Zhong, Qiang

Qiang Zhong image

Assistant Professor

Faculty | ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Biolocomotions Experimental fluid mechanics Flow sensing and modeling Robotics

Anand, Robbyn

Robbyn Anand image

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Faculty | CBE Courtesy Appointments Chemistry

Mo, Yunjeong

Yunjeong Mo image

Assistant Professor [CCE E]
Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Faculty | CCEE Faculty Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering College of Engineering | BIM VR AR Digital Twin Construction Work Process Automation Data Analytics and Machine Learning Smart Building Energy Management and Occupant Behavior Smart City and Infrastructure Sustainable Built Environment

Wang, Cheng

Cheng Wang image

Assistant Professor

Faculty | ECpE Faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering | Algorithms and Acceleration Techniques Computational intelligence Computer architecture Fault Tolerant and Dependable Computing Machine Learning Nanotechnology Reconfigurable Hardware Semiconductor

Dolphin, Chad

Chad Dolphin image

Assistant Teaching Professor

Faculty | ABE Faculty Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering College of Engineering

DeJong, Dwight

Dwight DeJong image

Flight Simulation Instructor

Faculty | AERE Professors Aerospace Engineering

Kirillova, Alina

Alina Kirillova image Assistant Professor [M S E]

Assistant Professor,
Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty | College of Engineering Materials Science and Engineering MSE Faculty | 3D printing Additive Manufacturing Advanced materials Biomaterials Functional polymers and composites Mechanical Properties of Materials Polymers Smart materials Soft materials Soft matter