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Dual Master’s Degree Program (1+1)

The program enables students to earn two master’s degrees, one from the home institution and one from Iowa State University (ISU).

2+2 Bachelor’s Degree Program

Earn your home institution’s bachelor’s degree & Iowa State University bachelor’s degree.

International Concurrent Program – Master degree at ISU

Students who successfully complete their seven-semester curricular requirements at home institution towards a bachelor degree may transfer and register at ISU as a master degree seeking student during the eighth semester.

Online/Coursework Only Degrees

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With the rapidly changing technological landscape in engineering industries, an advanced degree or continuing education is becoming increasingly necessary. Several departments offer master of engineering degrees that are 30 credits of coursework only and require no thesis or creative component for completion. You can take up to three courses (or nine credits) before applying for admission to the programs. Many of the courses for these degrees are offered online. Students in the master of engineering degree program are typically self-funded. For more information about registration, fees and delivery methods visit Engineering-LAS Online Learning.

Complete listing of the online engineering graduate certificates and master’s degrees.

Online Engineering Graduate Certificates

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