D.R. Boylan Eminent Faculty Award for Research


To recognize faculty members for outstanding career achievements in research and/or creative activity. In recognition of national and international acclaim for dedication to academic excellence through research and exemplary contributions to understanding in a field of specialization.

Eligibility and Criteria

More than 16 years of professional experience since PhD; and at least 5 years at ISU. Significant portion of work being considered must have been done at ISU CoE. Winners of University award for Outstanding Research and Distinguished professors are not eligible to apply. Must be ISU employees at the time of convocation (award ceremony).

There shall be evidence of eminence through research scholarship recognition, impact of the results of the research through citations or applications by other workers and/or by industry, and of contributions to understanding through books or technical articles which have lasting in influence on engineering education and practice. Examples of eminence include (but are not limited to): documented impact of publications; funding and/or collaborations with stakeholders and industry; fellow status and awards in national and/or international societies; editorial leadership; standards development).

Only one recipient will be chosen in any one year. The award will not be given in years when outstanding achievement, though meritorious, does not rise to the level of eminence.


Submission Requirements

Please combine documents into a single PDF file before submission.

  1. Nomination cover letter (includes statement by department chair regarding PRS splits) that includes a summary statement on how the candidate’s accomplishments compare to norms in the discipline and career stage;
  2. CoE format Vita;
  3. Statement of accomplishment and impact of research, peer recongnition, leadership in society activities towards scholarship, and mentorship of students/post-docs (up to 4 pages);
  4. Three letters from peers (no more than one from within ISU).




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Ratnesh Kumar
Fall 2019, Ratnesh Kumar, Murray J. and Ruth M. Harpole Professorship in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Fall 2018, Kejin Wang, Wilson Professor of Engineering, civil, construction and environmental engineering

Fall 2017, Sarah Ryan, Joseph Walkup Professor, industrial and manufacturing systems engineering