CoE Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Advising


To recognize faculty or professional staff member who has continued to demonstrate outstanding performance in advising undergraduate students at ISU College of Engineering throughout their professional career.

Eligibility and Criteria

At least 5 years of advising responsibilities in the College of Engineering at time of submission. An advisor may receive this award or predecessor award more than once, but not within the last 7 years. Must be ISU employees at the time of convocation (award ceremony).

Evidence of sustained outstanding performance as an advisor, as documented by student evaluations, student letters of support and/or supporting documentation of peers who work closely with the nominee.

Submission Requirements

Please combine documents into a single PDF file before submission.

  1. Nomination cover page (includes info on time dedicated to advising and advisee numbers), summary statement of candidate’s accomplishments that warrant consideration of this award;
  2. Brief vita (4 pages);
  3. Statement of advising philosophy and highlights of impact in advising (up to 2 pages);
  4. Up to 3 letters from current and/or former advisees, peers and co-workers;
  5. Any other evidence of sustained advising effectiveness (e.g. student evaluation data).




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Brad Perkins
Fall 2019, Bradley Perkins, associate teaching professor, civil, construction and environmental engineering