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CoE Award for Inclusive Excellence


To recognize Faculty and Staff members in the College of Engineering who have exhibited dedication and superior service toward enhancing diversity and inclusion.

Eligibility and Criteria

Members of the faculty or professional staff with a minimum of 3 years of service in the College of Engineering. Recipients must be ISU employees at the time of the convocation (Awards Ceremony).

Evidence of fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion enhancement activities include but are not limited to efforts to integrate and promote diversity-enriching experiences into teaching, research, service, and outreach activities; for example, the recruitment, advising, and retention of individuals from historically under-represented groups in engineering, creating inclusive environments, and the building of relationships with minority communities and institutions.

Submission Requirements

Please combine documents into a single PDF file before submission.

  1. Nomination letter (including self nominations) describing the efforts that the applicant has engaged in and the impact of the activities. Nominations may be made by any member of the faculty or staff.
  2. Up to 3 letters of support including one from each group benefiting from the efforts of the candidate.




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Fall 2020, James Wright, associate teaching professor of agricultural and biosystems

Fall 2020, Kristin Clague, communications specialist, college communications

Fall 2019, Beth Hartmann, teaching professor, civil, construction and environmental engineering

Fall 2018, Michelle Soupir, associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering

Fall 2018, Stephen Gilbert, associate professor of industrial and manufacturing systems