Become a Member

Become a Member of ESC

Committee Positions: Committee positions are open at the start of the Fall semester and are filled via an application process. Contact the President if you are interested in becoming involved in any capacity at any time throughout the year.

Club Representation: Every club in the College of Engineering is automatically a member. In order to receive the benefits associated with being a member, a representative from the organization has to be present at every general ESC meeting. The meeting time and location will be posted on the calendar page found here.

Everyone Else: If you are not the representative of a club you are still invited to attend the ESC meetings. Currently the meetings are to inform clubs about the changes in the college that will affect them. In the future the system will include committees you can be apart of to help set up activities for ESC. We are always happy to have new people coming to our meetings.

If you would like to help ESC with projects, apply to join ESC’s cabinet. You can help on the Administration, Finance, Events, Outreach, or Communications committees. If you would like to help out on one of these committees, reach out to the Vice President(s) in charge of that area. You can find their information here!