Good Standing Policy

Good Standing Policy

What Does “Not In Good Standing” Mean?
A group that is not in good standing with ESC failed to provide a representative at one or more ESC general meetings of the previous semester or a club requesting allocations hid a source of funding. The latter results in an immediate 100% loss of the allocation amount requested by their club. The former results in a loss of 25% of the organization’s allocation amount for the first meeting missed, 50% for the second meeting missed, 75% for the third meeting, and all of their allocation money for missing four or more meetings.

What’s So Important About Being In Good Standing Anyway?
A group that is in good standing with ESC recognizes the need to collaborate as a college in order to be successful and come up with new, innovative ways to conduct meetings and activities. Such collaboration is only as successful as those members who are involved, and a club cannot be involved if they don’t have someone to represent their interests. In addition, you will not receive all or any of the funding you could be receiving!

Yikes! How Can I Get Back In Good Standing With ESC?
Each student organization is given a “fresh start” at the beginning of each semester. If you show up to all general ESC meetings for that semester, your funding privileges will be reinstated for the following semester.

“Joe’s Engineers” fail to show up to a general meeting in the Fall of 2016. They will get to keep any money they have already received for that semester, but they will be docked the previously noted penalties in Spring 2019.

“Joe’s Engineers” decide to attend all ESC general meetings in Spring of 2019. They will be able to get allocations again in Fall 2019.

This Sounds Like Hard Work. How Can We Make Sure That We’re In Good Standing At All Times?
ESC doesn’t think attending all the meetings per semester is an excessive requirement. In order to ensure that you don’t run into the problem of not having anyone to go to a meeting, we recommend that your group create an “ESC Rep” position on your executive board. This person will be responsible for attending all ESC general meetings (as well as any optional meetings that come up), thus ensuring that each student group will always have someone in attendance that represents their interests. Once your group designates an ESC Rep, please send their contact information to the VP of Communications.

As always, we are a flexible council, and we are understanding to unique circumstances and situations. If your group is truly having a problem providing a reliable representative to the ESC general meetings, please contact the VP of Communications.