Department Nameplates

The department nameplates listed below are available for download in three formats.

  1. EPS
    EPS files are vector graphics created in Adobe Illustrator and saved with a tiff preview so they will display properly when used in a word processing software such as MS Word or a pagination software such as InDesign. Because of the tiff preview, the element will display with a white box behind it if placed over a screened background in these programs but will print on a Postscript laser printer without the white box. 

    If you use a Macintosh and wish to remove the white box, you can open the element in a program like Adobe Illustrator and resave it. Unlike bitmap graphics, vector graphics can be enlarged and still retain a smooth resolution on your laser prints.

    Note: When downloading an EPS file you may get a file with a PS extension.  You will then need to change its extension to EPS.
    Note: Without the proper software you may not be able to open the design element, but you do not need to open it to place it and resize it in a document.

  2. TIFF
    TIFF files are best for use with HP PCL (non-Postscript) laser printers but also work well on Postscript printers if they are not enlarged. They will look jagged if enlarged too much. Also, they will print with a white background. We recommend that you use the EPS version if possible.
  3. JPEG
    The JPEG version is appropriate for electronic usage in PowerPoint presentations and web design.

Aerospace Engineering

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering