John Solomon, Senior, Materials Engineering, Iowa State University

“Leadership is not learned from words on a page, but from real life experiences. The learning begins by taking the initiative to discover and develop the thought that leadership is more than a position or title. Leadership is about uniting creative, innovative, and differing ideas into one cohesive, collaborative mission. The courses and experiential leadership components of the Engineering Leadership Certificate serve to challenge and foster growth in students helping to mold them into the future leaders of our country.”

Debanjan Ghosh, Senior, Chemical Engineering, Iowa State University

“In order to be a successful engineer, regardless of field, one must be technically proficient and possess strong leadership attributes.  These attributes include being an efficient and clear communicator, a strong team player, and having the passion to pursue your goals and dreams.  The development of these characteristics requires experience both in and outside of the classroom.  The Iowa State College of Engineering Leadership Certificate provides the opportunity for students to become stronger leaders through a unique combination of coursework and experiential learning.”

Mike Carroll, Director, Iowa Department of Administrative Services

“Engineers develop many leadership principles through the discipline’s approach to problem solving and communication of solutions. When these talents are stretched beyond engineering, such as within governmental roles, the result can be both interesting and rewarding. Programs like the Engineering Leadership Certificate help students see outside of their respective disciplines, opening up avenues of productivity and service for young engineers.”

Bob Taylor, Vice President, Kiewit Power Nuclear Co.

“I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a student’s participation in the leadership program offered in engineering. Training in leadership as well as in communication is very important, and are valuable attributes to a successful career. Kiewit looks for the presence of these skills in all new employees. I encourage all undergraduates to participate in the Engineering Leadership Certificate program before graduation.”

Kim Pastega, 767 program vice president and general manager, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

“Leadership is critical to Boeing’s continued success as a global aerospace leader. Ensuring our future means we’re always looking for the next generation of talented leaders to guide our company in the right direction. Our products and services touch millions of lives around the world every day, and we value the contributions of students who complete the Engineering Leadership Certificate and who want to join us in making a positive difference.”

Frankie Roohparvar, Vice President, NAND Development, Micron Technology, Inc.

“Many schools do a great job of preparing the next generation of engineers by teaching them how to solve technical problems. Solving the complex problems of our times, however, involves leading effective teams in technical collaborative environments and requires skills beyond those that are generally taught in engineering classrooms. The Engineering Leadership Certificate at Iowa State addresses this need, and students who have acquired skills through the leadership program would definitely have an advantage as they compete for the future jobs in our industries.”

Joshua Adams, Aerospace Engineering Student, Iowa State University

” I believe becoming a great leader will open doors in my personal and professional life. It is an amazing feeling to achieve goals in a proactive team with healthy relationships, and as a leader, I strive to assess, organize, and communicate to draw out the best attitude and productivity from the team and myself. Becoming an effective leader empowers me to create good working environments and makes me a valuable asset within teams and organizations.”