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Biological and Nanoscale Sciences
Clean Energy Technologies
Complex Fluid Systems
Simulation and Visualization
Design and Manufacturing

What would you do as an engineering graduate student at Iowa State? Lead innovative research. Create knowledge. Become an expert in your field.

You’ll be working in outstanding facilities to solve important worldwide challenges in areas like biorenewables, materials science, virtual reality and high-performance computing.

In our nationally ranked and internationally recognized College of Engineering, you’ll work with some of the best scientific and engineering minds to tackle society’s great challenges and improve the quality of our daily life.


Most College of Engineering graduate students (approximately 80% of the PhD students and 60% of the on-campus master’s students) receive a graduate assistantship.  These assistantships help to pay for tuition and earn a stipend every month. The current monthly stipend range for a half time graduate assistant is $1,700 – $4,000. These graduate teaching, research, and administrative assistantships and fellowships are available through the individual programs and affiliated institutes within the college.

Bridge Funding: Arrival of New ChildGraduate assistants, Post Docs, and Pre Docs may request up to six weeks of funding for the arrival of a new child.