CoE Young Alumni Award


In recognition of outstanding professional progress and personal development in a field of engineering specialization as evidenced by significant contributions to the theory and practice of engineering, distinguished service rendered to the profession, appropriate community service, and/or achievement in a leadership position. There shall also be evidence of recognition through citations and acceptance of achievements by colleagues, and of the promise of continued progress and development.

Eligibility and Criteria

Any ISU Engineering alumnus who will not have reached his or her 40th birthday by the time of nomination for the award.  Faculty members of the College of Engineering at Iowa State University will not be eligible for this award. However, faculty members who have left ISU will be eligible after a period of five (5) years.

Submission Requirements

Please combine documents into a single PDF file before submission.

  1. Provide a summary of accomplishments of the nominee and other evidence that demonstrates attainment of the criteria of the award. These may include the following items:
    • Previous positions held. Include title, employer, and years.
    • Contributions to the theory and practice of engineering. May be in areas including, but not limited to research, development, design, engineering education, manufacturing, marketing, economic analysis and planning.  List patents, publications and papers presented.
    • Service rendered to the profession of engineering. Can emphasize both professional and technical contributions.  List activities such as offices held, technical meeting sessions chaired, and service on local, national and international committees.
    • Participation in community service. Should emphasize the nominee’s concern for the common good, giving of time and professional talents to community programs, and demonstrated concern about socially-oriented problems.
    • Achievements in leadership. Should emphasize achievement in a leadership position in which the nominee was able to bring to fruition a significant development or series of developments.
    • Previous awards and recognitions.
    • Voluminous nominations are not useful.
  2. Supporting letters. Include at least three.
  3. Other material deemed appropriate. Can include published news items, announcements and recognitions.
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