Award Winners

Anson Marston Medal

The Anson Marston Medal was established in 1938 in recognition of outstanding achievement in advancing engineering science, technology, or policy having national and international impact in academics, industry, public service, government, or other venues.

2014 Wesley F. Buchele, Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering, Soil Physics 1954
Abdel-Aziz Fouad, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1956
2013 Dale Fridley, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1958
2012 Sadanand D. Joshi, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering 1978
2011 Kenneth Garrett, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1959
2010 Michael Steffenson, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1959
2009 G. Paul Willhite, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1959
2008 Subra Suresh, M.S. Mechanical Engineering 1979
2007 John D. Cosgrove, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1956
2006 Lanny Robbins, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1964; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1963; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1966
2005 Vance D. Coffman, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1967
2004 M.K. (Mary) Hurd, B.S. Civil Engineering 1947
2003 Francis B. Francois, B.S. General Engineering 1947
2002 Robert K. Brayton, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1956
2001 James R. Katzer, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1965
2000 Wendell H. Nedderman, B.S. Civil Engineering 1943; Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1951
1999 James F. Watson, B.S. Ceramic Engineering 1958; M.S. Ceramic Engineering 1960
1998 James R. Palmer, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1944
1997 Chester W. Diercks, B.S. General Engineering 1950
1996 Lee Liu, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1957
1995 Bob Boeke, B.S. Industrial Engineering; M.S. 1950
1994 John R. Selby, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1956
1993 Jerry R. Junkins, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1959
1992 Allen M. Acheson, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1950
1991 Richard H. Stanley, B.S. Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 1955
1990 Leland J. Walker, B.S. Civil Engineering 1944
1989 Daniel J. Watkins, B.S. Civil Engineering 1947
1988 Ralph H. Wallace, B.S. Civil Engineering 1946
1987 Murray J. Harpole, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1943
1986 Allen F. Jacobsen, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1947
1985 William A. Oppold, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1943
1984 Charles W. Durham, B.S. General Engineering 1939; B.S. Professional Degree 1940; B.S. Civil Engineering 1944
1983 Otto N. Miller, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1930
1982 Arthur E. Bryson, Jr., B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1946
1981 W. A. Strauss, B.S. General Engineering 1947
1980 Warren B. Boast, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1936
1979 Richard H. Kaufmann, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1926
1978 T. A. Wilson, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1943
1977 Ernest Boyce, B.S. Professional Degree 1917; B.S.  Civil Engineering 1930
1976 Merlin G. Spangler, B.S. Professional Degree 1919; B.S. Civil Engineering 1926; M.S. Civil Engineering 1928
1975 Harold B. Gotaas, M.S. Civil Engineering 1930
1974 Allen H. Schooley, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1931
1973 Hermann Bany, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1931
1972 Edward J. Bock, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1938; M.S. Mechanical Engineering 1940
1971  Hollis R. Hilstrom, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1934
1970 Samuel C. Hamilton, B.S. Civil Engineering 1929
1969 Harold P. King, B.S. Architecture Engineering
1968 Ronald L. McVey, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1924
1967 Chester W. Cunningham, B.S. Civil Engineering 1915
1966 Arthur M. Wahl, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1925
1965 Maurice R. Harrison, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1917
1964 Roy B. Gray, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1909; M.S. Agricultural Engineering 1910; Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering 1931
1963 Whitworth Ferguson, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1921
1962 Ward D. Harrison, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1932
1961 Wilmot A. Danielson, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1907
1960 Guy W. Morrison, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1910
1959 W. Murray Joslin, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1923
1958 Arthur Q. Adamson, B.S. Civil Engineering 1907
1957 Ronald J. Rockwell, B.S. Professional Degree 1927; B.S. Electrical Engineering 1946
1956 James O. Jackson, B.S. Civil Engineering 1917
1955 Gene B. Landes, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1910
1954 Theodore V. House, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1915
1953 Walter T. Weels, B.S. Professional Degree 1910; B.S. Electrical Engineering 1935
1952 Fred R. White, B.S. Civil Engineering 1907; Doctor of Science 1958
1951 Ralph W. Atkinson, B.S. Professional Degree 1906; B.S. Electrical Engineering 1911
1950 Conrad E. Frudden, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1909
1949 Wilbur M. Wilson, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1900; B.S. Professional Degree, Civil Engineering 1914; Doctorate of Engineering 1942
1948 Roy W. Crum, B.S. Professional Degree 1907; B.S. Civil Engineering 1914
1947 Thomas R. Agg, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1905; B.S. Professional Degree, Civil Engineering 1914
1946 Fred T. Whiting, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1913
1945 Paul S. Clapp, B.S. Professional Degree 1913; B.S. Civil Engineering 1925
1944 Laurance T. Gaylord, B.S. Professional Degree 1904; B.S. Civil Engineering 1910
1942 LeRoy L. Hidinger, B.S. Professional Degree 1906; B.S. Civil Engineering 1911
1941 Henry Brunnier, B.S. Professional Degree 1904; B.S. Civil Engineering 1913
1940 James W. Hook, B.S. Professional Degree 1905; B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1912
1939 Thomas H. MacDonald, B.S. Civil Engineering 1904; D. Eng. 1928
1938 Earl O. Shreve, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1904
Professional Achievement Citation in Engineering (PACE)

The PACE award was established in 1968 to recognize superior technical or professional accomplishments in research, development, administration, education, and other engineering activities; the citation recognizes alumni/alumnae eminently known for their professional competence and creativity.

2014 Sheila Grant, B.D. Engineering Science 1988; M.S. Biomedical Engineering 1990; Ph.D. Ceramic Engineering 1994
John Kaiser, M.S. Chemical Engineering 1987
2013 Mark Lashier, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1985; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1989
Mark Saltzman, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1981
2012 Karen Albertson, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1983
Christopher M. Chadwick, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1982
Deniz Uner, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1994
2011 Thomas Bluth, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1989
Scott Bowman, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1982
Paul Fisher, B.S. Civil Engineering 1987; Master’s of Business Administration 1996
Gary Griswold, B.S. Civil Engineering 1967
Lee Ott, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1964; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1968; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1971
Nick L. Wilson, B.S. Civil Engineering 1976
Leslie T. Youd, Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1967
2010 Umit Ozkan, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1984
2009 Orban Gurbuz, B.S. Civil Engineering 1966; M.S. Civil Engineering 1968; Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1974
R. K. Richards, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1943
Gayle A. Roberts, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1984
2008 James H. Tracey, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1960; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1961; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1964
Eiichi Watanabe, M.S. Civil Engineering 1968; Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1969
Daniel Yoder, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1980
2007 Tim Anderson, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1973
Mark Law, B.S. Computer Engineering (Honors) 1981
David Lilja, B.S. Computer Engineering 1981
Peter Loeppert, B.S. Electrical Engineering (Honors) 1974; B.S. Computer Science (Honors) 1984
2006 Mary Jane Hagenson, M.S. Biomedical Engineering 1976; Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering 1980
Thomas Murray, B.S. Civil Engineering 1962
Wayne-Gary Gates, B.S. Engineering Science 1972
2005 William C. Anderson, B.S. Civil Engineering 1967
Nathaniel S. Fox, M.S., Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1966
Bruce H. Grasser, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1964
John K. Peterson, AAS Mechanical Technology 1972; B.S. IE/OR 1974; M.S. IE/OR 1975
2004 Raj Nathan, M.S. Industrial Engineering 1977; Ph.D. Engineering Valuation 1981
James N. Petersen, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1979
Robert C. Tucker, B.S. Materials Science Engineering 1964; Ph.D. Materials Science Engineering 1967
Robert E. Walkup, B.S. Industral Engineering 1960
2003 Hamid Elahi, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1977; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1979; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1983
Donald Greenwood, B.S. Civil Engineering 1976
Peter C. Hemken, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1977
Leonard C. Rodman, B.S. Civil Engineering 1971
2002 David L. Cave, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1969
James M. Daughton, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1961; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1963
Terry S. King, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1975
Vernon L. Schatz, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1949
2001 Sidney Banwart, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1968
Robert Bernhard, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1968
Robert Bernhard, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 19733; Ph.D. Engineering Mechanics 1982
Gerald (Skip) Fehr, B.S. Ceramic Engineering 1959; M.S. Ceramic Engineering 1964; Ph.D. Ceramic Engineering 1966
Glynis Hinchberger, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1976; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1977
2000 Frederick Dotzler, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1967
James Kouri, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1963
Harold W. (Hal) Sorensen, B.S. Civil Engineering 1943
Frank Stermole, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1957; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1961; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1963
1999 Don P. Clausing, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1952
John D. Foster, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1965
Joseph T. Sullivan, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1962
David A. Van Winkle, B.S. Industrial Engineering
1998 Rudolf J. Hermann, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1973
Harold M. Hoover, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1965; M.S. Industrial Engineering 1967; Ph.D. Industrial Engineering 1972
David R. Love, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1971
Kenneth M. Peterson, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1973
Don P. Clausing, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1952
John D. Foster, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1965
Joseph T. Sullivan, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1962
David A. Van Winkle, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1973
1997 Ashok B. Amin, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1966
Donald P. Hattery, B.S. Civil Engineering 1952
Edward M. Walsh, M.S. Electrical Engineering 1963; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1964
Vincent Wheelock, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1958
1996 Joakim Laguos, Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1962
John R. Ogren, Ph.D. Metallurgy 1965
Warren B. Sargent, B.S. Civil Engineering 1939
Jerald L. Schnoor, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1972
1995 Robert M. Baldwin, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1969; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1972
Carl A. Bluedorn, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1931
Anjan Bose, Ph.D. Electrtical Engineering 1974
Gordon R. Coons, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1961
James E. Daywitt, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1970; M.S. Agricultural Engineering 1974; Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering 1977
Daniel E. Diesburg, B.S. Metallurgy 1966; Ph.D. Metallurgy 1971
David L. Klinger, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1967
Harry J. Leamy, Ph.D. Metallurgy 1967
Frank H. Maillie, M.S. Agricultural Engineering 1967; Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering 1969
Rederick H. Raab, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1968; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1970; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1972
David G. Smith, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1970; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1972
G. Paul Willhite, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1959
1994 David W. Arnold, M.S. Chemical Engineering 1963; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1966
David R. Ditzel, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1978
Dale L. Fridley, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1958
Albert L. Jennings, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1956
Clare G. Keeney, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1960
Charles E. Kiester, B.S. Civil Engineering 1958
Richard A. Marr, B.S. Civil Engineering 1958
Edward F. Miller, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1962
Jay R. Read, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1959
Herbert H. Sawin, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1973
Steven R. Specker, B.S. Engineering Science 1967; M.S. Nuclear Engineering 1968; Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering 1970
John L. Witt, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1956
1993 Robert K. Brayton, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1956
Warren B. Burene, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1938
Lawrence A. Davis, Jr., Ph.D. Engineering Mechanics 1973
Robbins H. Jackson, B.S. Civil Engineering 1948
Michael J. Klein, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1962
Ted M. Knowlton, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1965; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1967; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1971
David C. Nicholas, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1967; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1968; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1971
Herm M. Reininga, M.S. Industrial Engineering 1975
Clair W. Sater, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1958; M.S. Aerospace Engineering 1966
Lawrence H. Van Vlack, B.S. Ceramic Engineering 1942
James F. Watson, B.S. Ceramic Engineering 1958; M.S. Ceramic Engineering 1960
Ronald E. White, B.S.Engineering Valuation 1965; M.S. Engineering Valuation 1968; Ph.D. Engineering Valuation 1977
1992 Donald C. Bice, B.S. General Engineering 1949
Joel E. Cerwick, M.S. Sanitary Engineering 1968
Richard S. Grant, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1943
Jerry W. Hagge, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1962
N. A. (Bert) Lamberti, B.S. General Engineering 1949
Stephen L. Larsen, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1964
John K. Lawson, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1962
Edward R. McCracken, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1966
M. Edward Morrison, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1961
Carl G. Rausch, B.S. Engineering Operations 1967
Joseph L. Steger, M.S. Aerospace Engineering 1967; Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering 1969
Robert Witter, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1960
1991 Robert D. Dighton, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1956; M.S. Engineering Mechanics 1968
Wayne J. Genck, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1966; Master’s of Engineering Chemical Engineering 1967; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1969
Adly A. Girgis, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1981
C. Thomas Haan, Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering 1967
Romanath K. Katti, M.S. Highway Engineering 1954; Ph.D. Soil Engineering 1958
John H. Maxheim, B.S. Civil Engineering 1963
Jack F. McGuire, B.S. Civil Engineering 1963
Robert F. Roskopf, B.S. Civil Engineering 1961; M.S. Civil Engineering 1967; Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1972
Arend T. Sandbulte, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1961
Vijaya Shankar, M.S. Aerospace Engineering 1974; Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering 1977
Harold W. Sorenson, B.S. Aerospace 1957
1990 Dale A. Anderson, M.S. Aerospace Engineering 1959; Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering 1964
Arnold L. Chantland, B.S. Civil Engineering 1952
James R. Foster, B.S. Civil Engineering 1946
Charles P. Garrison, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1957
George Price Grieve, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1934
Roger A. Heimbuch, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1965
Paul Kutler, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1965; M.S. Aerospace Engineering 1967; Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering 1969
Lanny R. Patty, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1956
Roman Schoenherr, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1959
Jan van Schilfgaarde, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1949; M.S. Agricultural Engineering 1959; Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering and Soil Physics 1954
James W. White, B.S. General Engineering 1941
1989 Maurice L. Albertson, B.S. Civil Engineering 1941
Richard L. Baldwin, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1957
Wayne G. Basler, B.S. Ceramic Engineering 1953
Melvin H. Brown, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1942; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1944; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1949
Bill L. Harriott, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1956
Kenneth W. Iliff, B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics 1962
Dennis A. Johnson, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1965
Max J. Miller, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1962; M.S. Mechanical Engineering 1969; Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering 1973
John A. Oakland, B.S. Engineering Operations 1963
William L. Rodenbaugh, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1950
Richard C. Roe, B.S. General Engineering 1952
Robert L. Tonsfeldt, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1957
1988 James H. Anderson, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1949
Frank R. Bailey, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1964; M.S. Aerospace Engineering 1967; Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering 1970
John M. Campbell, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1943
Joe D. Cunning, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1958; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1962; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1965
Sandford K. Fosholt, B.S. General Engineering 1938
Paul L. Heineman, B.S. Civil Engineering 1945; M.S. Civil Engineering 1948
Edward S. Hoffman, B.S. Civil Engineering 1943
Charles A. Jacobson, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1952
Philip J. Klass, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1941
Ronald K. Leonard, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1956
James L. Melsa, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1960
Rex R. Reed, B.S. General Engineering 1947
1987 Leonard A. Cohn, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1964
James H. Davis, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1956
Frank E. Hoffman, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1956
Stanley M. Howe. B.S. General Engineering 1946
James T. Johnson, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1964
Harold H. Klepfer, Ph.D. MEtallurgy 1957
Robert H. Nau, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1935; Professional Degree Electrical Engineering 1941
Stuart O. Nelson, Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering 1972
Charles C. Smith, B.S. Ceramic Engineering 1958
Michael R. Steffensen, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1959
Fred H. Warren, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1925
1986 James H. Anderson, Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering 1957
Ronald O. Baukol, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1959
Chester W. Diercks, B.S. General Engineering 1950
Alva L. Frye, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1943
Own L. Garretson, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1937
Judson M. Harper, B.S. Chemcial Engineering 1958; M.S. Chemical Engineering; Ph.D. Food Science and Technology 1963
Thomas J. Hickey, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1956
John E. Janssen, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1949
Robert L. Johnson, B.S. Civil Engineering 1957; M.S. Civil Engineering 1963; Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1969
Jerry R. Junkins, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1959
Jerry L. Loupee, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1962
David MacMorris, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1949
Kenneth A. McCollom, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1964
1985 Norman G. Delbridge, Jr., M.S. Civil Engineering 1957
Robert C. Fields, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1949
James E. Gabrielson B.S. Chemical Engineering 1956; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1961; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1964
Roger W. Haines, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1953
Melvin J. Happe, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1941
Murray J. Harpole B.S. Electrical Engineering 1943
John G. McDonald, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1957
Paul A. Mongerson, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1944
James R. Palmer, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1944
Lanny A. Robbins, B.S. Chemical Engineering; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1963; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1966
Sterling O. Swanger, B.S. General Engineering 1947
1984 Norman E. Cima, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1950
Lyle D. Feisel, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1961; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1963; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1964
William C. Fitch, M.S. Engineering Valuation 1939; Ph.D. Engineering Valuation 1950
William S. Foster, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1933
Francis Francois, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1956
James E. Halligan, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1962; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1965; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1967
Lee Liu, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1957
Robert T. Morrison, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1942
Ronald E. Narmi, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1955
Eldo W. Schornhorst, B.S. Civil Engineering 1948
Richard J. Stoehr, B.S. Mining Engineering and Geography 1949
Meryl L. Todd, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1931
Daniel J. Watkins, B.S. Civil Engineering 1947
1983 Glenn D. Bergland, B.S. Electrical Engineering; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1962; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1966
William P. Binger, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1949
Bernard P. Breen, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1964
Kay E. Eliason, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1951
Frederick R. Fluhr, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1949; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1950
Richard J. Gowen, M.S. Electrical Engineering 1961; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1962
Robert C. Hall, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1955
Charles M. Heidel, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1955
Allen F. Jacobson, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1947
James R. Katzer, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1964
Otto A. Tennant, B.S. General Engineering 1940
Robert H. Tweedy, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1952
1982 Glenn E. Crippen, B.S. Architecture Engineering
Russell L. Crowther, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1953; M.S. Nuclear Engineering 1955
Mary Krumbolt, B.S. Civil Engineering 1947
C. M. Jacob, M.S. Agricultural Engineering 1952; Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering 1960
Harold C. Kaufman, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1951; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1956
Gerald D. Love, B.S. Civil Engineering 1949; M.S. Civil Engineering 1956
John L. Overholt, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1932
Ralph F. Schauer, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1952; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1957; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1960
Harris F. Seidel, B.S. Civil Engineering 1944; Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1959
Ray Townsend, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1935
Carl R. VanderLinden, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1950
Ralph H. Wallace, B.S. Civil Engineering 1946
Thomas M. Whitney, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1961; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1962; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1964
1981 Paul M. Anderson, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1949; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1958; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1961
William J. Anderson, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1957; Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering 1962
Reginald R. Baxter, M.S. Chemical Engineering 1949
Oscar L. Bock, M.S. Mechanical Engineering 1922
Ghulam S. Butt, B.S. Civil Engineering 1965; Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1967
Rowland M. Cannon, B.S. General Engineering 1936
John M. Hanson, M.S. Structural Engineering 1957
Robert P. Jensen, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1947
James R. Melcher, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1957; M.S. Nuclear Engineering 1958
Andrew L. Pontiusm B.S. General Engineering 1931
Henry F. Schoon, B.S. Civil Engineering 1924
John D. SelbyJohn M. Sharf, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1931; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1932; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1937
Howard M. Wiles, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1928
Clifford D. Williams, M.S. Civil Engineering 1950
1980 Landis L. Boyd, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1947; M.S. Agricultural Engineering 1948; Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering 1959
William L. Hughes, M.S. Electrical Engineering 1950; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1952
J. Burton Job, B.S. General Engineering 1934
Ronald L. Johnson, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1934
Michael J. Manjoine, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering 1937
M. L. Millett, Jr., B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1945; B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1948; Ph.D. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 1957
Calvin C. Oleson, M.S. Civil Engineering 1928
Harry E. Rodman, B.S. Architecture Engineering 1936
Ralph E. Schlenker, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1949
Roy W. Uelner, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1957
Donald N. Zwiep, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1948; M.S. Mechanical Engineering 1951
1979 James C. Bort, B.S. Civil Engineering 1938
Donald Glower, M.S. Mechanical Engineering 1958; Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering 1960
Robert Hermann, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1954; M.S. Electrical Engineering; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1963
Richard A. Jay, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1939
Walter Keffer, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1939
Leonard Lewis, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1948
R. Wayne McLaughlin, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1929
David Nelson, B.S. General Engineering 1952
Arloe Paul, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1933
Gaylord W. Penney, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1923
Richard Sperring, B.S. Ceramic Engineering
Roscoe Wagner, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1919
Leland Walker, B.S. Civil Engineering 1944
1978 Joseph E. Borg, B.S. Civil Engineering 1937
Glenn F. Brockett, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1935
J. Hoyt Chaloud, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1943
Charles W. Durham, B.S. Civil Engineering 1939; M.S. Civil Engineering 1940; Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1944
Eugene S. Ferguson, M.S. Mechanical Engineering 1955
Hack E. Gieck, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1947
Paul Goeldner, B.S. Architecture Engineering 1949
Ralph Green, B.S. Civil Engineering 1928
Frank W. Griffith, B.S. General Engineering 1947
S. Milton Henderson, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1939; M.S. Agricultural Engineering 1942
Thomas S. Leary, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1942
Stanley M. Madill, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1927
Merton L. Van Dreser, B.S. Ceramic Engineering 1938
1977 Robert W. Boeke, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1948; M.S. Industrial Engineering 1950
Kennard Bussard, B.S. Architecture Engineering 1960
George Chadima, Jr., B.S. Electrical Engineering 1959; B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1963
Robert W. Gerwig, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1952
Anson D. Marston, B.S. Civil Engineering; B.S. Professional Degree, Electrical Engineering 1931
Alan D. Randolph, M.S. Chemical Engineering 1959; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1962
James R. Rowe, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1953
Arnold B. Skromme, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1941
Richard H. Stanley, B.S. Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 1955
Charles D. Statton, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1950
Robert E. Thune, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1950
Hi Jun Yu, M.S. Architecture Engineering 1963
1976 Allen M. Acheson, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1950
Charles L. Amick, B.S. Professional Degree 1937; B.S. Electrical Engineering 1946
Merlin H. Anderson, B.S. Civil Engineering 1935
Willis M. Cooper, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1935
Clarence H. Hoper, B.S. Professional Degree 1923; B.S. Electrical Engineering 1939
Marvin O. Kruse, B.S. Civil Engineering 1933
Wendell H. Nedderman, B.S. Civil Engineering 1943; Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1951
Francis J. Pallischeck, B.S. General Engineering 1940
Vernon J. Rossow, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1947
1975 Arnold L. Ayers, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1938
Arwin A. Dougal, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1952
Murray C. Gautsch, B.S. Ceramic Engineering 1929; Ph.D. Ceramic Engineering
Charles E. Herbert, B.S. Architecture Engineering 1951
Richard D. McConnell, M.S. Architecture Engineering 1950
Donald L. Porth, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1938
James Sidles, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1954
Roger I. Wilkinson, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1924; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1950
1974 John M. Free, B.S. Architecture Engineering 1949
Stanley B. Haas, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1948
William S. Holmes, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1941
John W. Huston, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1949
Stanley M. Little, Jr., B.S. General Engineering 1943
Robert W. Steele, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1941
Lawrence W. Von Tersch, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1943; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1948; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1953
Robley E. Winfrey, B.S. Professional Degree 1922; B.S. Civil Engineering 1942; M.S. Civil Engineering 1926
1973 John D. Ryder, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1944
Lawrence R. Tollenaere, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1944; M.S. Industrial Engineering 1949
William A. Oppold, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1943
Ivan C. Ethington, B.S. Civil Engineering 1948
Merlin Hansen, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1930
John R. Selby, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1956
Paul M. Heffernan, B.S. Architecture Engineering 1929; M.S. Architecture Engineering 1931
William C. Brown, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1937
Jack H. Doores, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1944
Roderick G. Rohrberg, B.S. Civil Engineering 1949
1972 G. Leon Bridger, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1938
Raymond D. Crites, B.S. Architecture Engineering 1952
William H. Dennler, B.S. General Engineering 1932
William A. Jennings, B.S. Civil Engineering 1939
Robert L. Doty, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1955
Glen A. Richardson, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1952
Lawrence H. Skromme, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1937
Robert E. Uhrig, M.S. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 1950; Ph.D. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 1954
1971 J. Howard Dunn, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1931
C. C. Candee, B.S. Chemcial Engineering 1934
Don L. Hinmon, B.S. Civil Engineering 1934
Archie Higdon, M.S. Mathematics 1930; Ph.D. Mathematics 1936
J. J. Martin, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1939
Arthur E. Bryson, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1946
Bob O. Evans, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1949
1970 Howard F. McColly, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1925; M.S. Agricultural Engineering 1926
Roger W. Richardson, M.S. Chemical Engineering 1928; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1930
Irvin E. Fair, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1929
Loren V. Roman, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1934
Howard O. Lorenzen, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1935
John F. Yardley, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1944
1969 Donald C. Minard, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1925
Richard H. Kaufmann, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1926
Raymond A. Engel, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1929
Wilfred S. Martin, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1930
Allen H. Schooley, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1931
T. A. Wilson, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1943
1968 Bert R. Benjamin, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1893
Ernest Boyce, B.S. Civil Engineering 1917
Herman Bany, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1918
Eugene G. McKibben, B.S. Agricultural Engineering 1922; Ph.D. Agronomy 1936
Wallace M Stanton, B.S. General Engineering 1929
Otto N. Miller, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1930
Professional Progress in Engineering Award (PPEA)

The PPEA award was created to recognize outstanding professional progress, personal development, and distinguished community service by engineering alumni under the age of 46.

2014 Kendall Griffith, B.S. Construction Engineering 1992
Krishna Narayanan, M.S. Electrical Engineering 1994
2013 Cory Berkland, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1998
Devin Shepard, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1997
2012 Robi Polikar, M.S. Electrical Engineering 1995; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 2000
2011 Kari L. Roehr, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1997
2010 Russell Gorga, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 2002
Jerry Doorenbos, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1988
Robert Kirk Thompson, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1999
2009 Christopher L. Clover, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1991; B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1992; Master’s of Business Administration 1994; Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering 1996
Sridhar Desikan, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1997
Craig Mahoney, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1991
Meiyu Shen, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1999
2008 Bruce Barnes, B.S. Civil Engineering 1990; M.S. Civil Engineering 1987
Mitchell K. Meyer, B.S. Ceramic Engineering 1991; M.S. Ceramic Engineering 1991; Ph.D. Ceramic Engineering 1995
Leigh H. Thompson, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1993; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1997
2007 Charles Campbell, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1988; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1991; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1993
Vamsi Chadalavada, M.S. Electrical Engineering 1991; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1994
Lawrence Marguiles, Ph.D. Materials Science Engineering 1999
2006 Daivd H. Sanders, B.S. Civil Engineering 1984
Thomas J. Paskach, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1880; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 2002
William Schroeder, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 2001
2005 Daniel J. Branagan, Ph.D. Metallurgy 1995
Scott DeBoer, M.S. Physics 1991; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1995
Agustin Irizarry-Rivera, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1996
Shelli K. Starrett, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1994
2004 Paul Augustine, M.S. Electrical Engineering 1992
Daniel C. Coy, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1993
Indumini W. Ranmuthu, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1993
2003 Laura Ambrose, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1983
W. Samuel Easterling, Ph.D. Civil Engineering 1987
Tracy Summers, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1944
2002 Lisa Cramer Osadciw, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1986
2001 Rodney, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1981; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1984; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1987
James Herchenroeder, Ph.D. Metallurgy 1988
Susan Oltrogge, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1986
Bart Waters, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1982
2000 Timothy G. Jury, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1980
Richard Beem, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1979
Jinke Tang, M.S. Metallurgy 1990
1999 Umit Ozkan, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1984
Michael Dowd, M.S. Chemical Engineering 1984; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1986
Mark J. Nahra, B.S. Civil Engineering 1984
1998 Sandra Q. Larson, B.S. Civil Engineering 1984
Diane T. Rover, M.S. Computer Engineering 1986; Ph.D. Computer Engineering 1989
1997 David Sly, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1985; M.S. Industrial Engineering 1990
Steve Sukup, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1979
1996 Dianne Milianta, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1985
Jean E. Wallace, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1981
1995 Karen M. Albertson, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1983
Jolee L. Belzung, B.S. Civil Engineering 1978
Gregory B. Wyant, B.S. Computer Engineering 1988
1994 Daina Briedis, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1981
Patrick Y.C. Hwang, M.S. Electrical Engineering 1983; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1986
Mark E. Law, B.S. Computer Engineering 1981
Seung O. Park, M.S. Aerospace Engineering 1978; Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering 1981
Jacqueline V. Shanks, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1983
1993 Timothy J. Anderson, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1973
Chong Lee, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 1975
Jon A. Peacock, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1977
Kevin L. Petersen, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1974
Ramu Ramanaarayanan, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1982
1992 Glynis Hinschberger, B.S. Electrical Engineering 1979; M.S. Electrical Engineering 1977
Carol Ann Johnson, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1980
Mujeeb Malik, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering 1978
Daniel W. Marsh, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1979; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1983
Kenneth Nielsen, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1971; M.S. Chemical Engineering 1974; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1977
1991 Mark W. Ackley, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1972
Robert J. Bernhard, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1973; Ph.D. Engineering Mechanics 1982
Samuel Bernstein, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1970; M.S. Aerospace Engineering 1971
Ronald L. Seeber, B.S. IEA 1975
James W. Spensley, B.S. IE/Oper Res 1969
1990 Kris A. Berglund, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering 1981
Lyle E. Dunbar, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1966; M.S. Aerospace Engineering 1968
Rudy Hermann, B.S. Industrial Engineering 1973
Terry L. Holst, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1970; M.S. Aerospace Engineering 1972; Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering 1975
Chris H. Horgen, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1968; M.S. Aerospace Engineering 1969
1989 Gregory R. Carmichael, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1974
Vance D. Coffman, B.S. Aerospace Engineering 1967
Jerald L. Schnoor, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1972
Glenn L. Schrader, B.S. Chemical Engineering 1972
Bruce R. White, Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering 1975