Anson Marston Medal


In recognition of outstanding achievement in advancing engineering science, technology or policy having national and international impact in academics, industry, public service, government or other venues.

Eligibility and Criteria

  1. An ISU engineering alumnus/alumna having received a bachelor, master or doctoral degree in any field of engineering.
  2. May receive this award only once.
  3. Must be able to attend the Homecoming Awards Ceremony to receive the award.

Submission Requirements

Please combine documents into a single PDF file before submission.

  1. EDUCATION (include institution, curriculum, degree(s), date(s) awarded)
  2. PROFESSIONAL CAREER (inclusive dates, employer, title or statement of duties)
  3. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES (include major career accomplishments, participation in professional societies, publications, patents, engineering licensure, consulting, committee service, etc. Show offices held.)
  4. CIVIC ACTIVITIES (Local, State, and National and include service clubs, religious institutions, elective offices, fraternal organizations, Scouts, etc. Show offices held.).
  5. AWARDS AND HONORS (college, university, community, national, international)
  6. PUBLICATIONS (books, technical papers and articles)
  7. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION (Minimum three, Maximum five)


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Sarah Rajala and James Melsa
James Melsa (right), electrical engineering ’60, 2017 Marston Medal Winner