Engineering Leadership Certificate

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The Engineering Certificate in Leadership and Strategy is a sequence of for-credit courses, and a capstone experience. The Certificate’s curriculum encompasses the topics of leadership style and strategy, business and professional speaking, and organizational behavior. Engineering students take those classes side-by-side with students who are emerging leaders in the liberal arts and sciences college. Faculty within the College of Engineering teach courses on such topics as engineering ethics, engineering law, project management, technical team building, technology and globalization, and a seminar taught by the dean of engineering.

The Engineering Certificate in Leadership and Strategy requires the completion of 21 credit hours of coursework, typically satisfied by the completion of seven three-credit hour courses. Only 9 of the required 21 credit hours must be unique to the Certificate; that is, those 9 credit hours must not otherwise be counted to satisfy the student’s major or minor degree requirements.

Upon completion of the Certificate’s requirements, students receive formal recognition on their transcript and a Certificate provided by Iowa State’s Registrar.

After completing the Certificate, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • An understanding of the various types of authority and the key concepts of leadership.
  • Knowledge of the structural, political, and cultural nature of organizations.
  • Proficiency in written, verbal, and non-verbal communication, and an understanding of the importance of interpersonal relationships in any leadership role.
  • The importance of ethical decision-making, diversity, and culture for effective leadership.
  • Engagement through mentored service to the University, a co-operative learning/work assignment, or a study-abroad experience.

Curriculum and Electives

Foundation: Three courses (9 credits hours) are required from the following list:

  • LAS 222 (Leadership Styles and Strategies)
  • Sp Com 312 (Business and Professional Speaking)
  • Poly Sci 371 (Introduction to Public Administration) or
  • Management 371 (Organizational Behavior)

Communication: One additional course (3 credit hours) from the following list:

  • ENGL 302 (Business Communication)
  • ENGL 309 (Report and Proposal Writing)
  • SP CM 212 (Fundamentals of Public Speaking)
  • SP CM 322 (Argumentation and Debate/Critical Thinking)

Electives: Two courses (6 credit hours) taken from the following list. Other
electives may be added in the future; check with the Advisory Committee for the
most current set of approved electives.

  • CE 306 (Project Management for Civil Engineers)
  • CON E 112 (Orientation to Learning and Productive Team Membership)
  • CON E 114 (Developing Responsible Learners and Effective Leaders)
  • CON E 380 (Engineering Law)
  • ENGR 150 (Foundations of Leadership Development and Learning)
  • ENGR 350 (Dean’s Leadership Seminar)
  • IE 570 (Systems Engineering and Project Management)
  • ME 412 (Ethical Responsibilities of a Practicing Engineer)
  • ME 484 (Technology, Globalization, and Culture)

Capstone: (3 credits)

  • ENGR 490L (Job Shadow and Leadership Practicum)

Program Application