Students who have taken a PLTW course and received transcripted college credit from another higher education institution and are planning to attend Iowa State University should request their official transcript noting credits to be transferred to Iowa State University Admissions for review.

Please note: Iowa State University does not award direct from high school PLTW college credits or award credits based off the high school PLTW End of Course exam.

What do the credits do for me at ISU?

Each college, university and academic program (including those at ISU) establish their own curriculum policies for accepting transfer credits. It is up to the students to talk with their institutional advisor to determine how credit is accepted at their university of choice. A list of ISU College of Engineering advisors and contact information is available here.

If you are coming into a different major other than engineering at ISU, please find that department by visiting

Introduction to Engineering Design will transfer into ISU College of Engineering as an equivalent/substitute for a course in these majors only:

  • Agricultural Engineering as A B E 170
  • Biological Systems Engineering as A B E 170 
  • Civil Engineering as C E 170
  • Construction Engineering as C E 170
  • Mechanical Engineering as M E 170

Please note: PLTW courses are factored differently at every higher education institution, and there are differences at ISU due to different college course requirements and majors offered. Other remaining PLTW credits may be evaluated for technical elective credits, but this is done at the departmental level with the student’s advisor. Please speak directly with your advisor for more information regarding technical electives.

How do I submit my official transcript with PLTW college credits on it to ISU?

Visit this page for information on how:

How do I get PLTW credits from a college or university as a high school student?

High school students interested in receiving college credits for PLTW coursework should look at the PLTW website or contact PLTW directly at 1-877-335-7589 or email Iowa State University is no longer a PLTW university affiliate, so all inquiries regarding PLTW coursework, college credits, etc. should be directed to PLTW.