2012 – 2013

Scholar Profiles

Corey Anderson 

Mechanical Engineering

Corey is from Norwalk, Iowa.  In addition to his academic studies, Corey volunteers for numerous nonprofit organizations, including serving on the Youth and Shelter Services Board of Directors. In 2012 Corey received the Risky Business Youth Leadership Scholarship Award honoring the dramatic impact he made on students with special needs. After graduation he hopes to pursue a career in biomedical engineering to help people in need. 


Tyler Bouslog

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Tyler is from South English, Iowa.  He grew up on a farm and graduated from the Keota High School.  His farm experience led him to choose Agricultural Engineering with a specialization in agricultural and environmental systems.  Following graduation he hopes to work with agricultural structures.


Conrad Brendel

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Conrad is from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.  He has been active in undergraduate research. His study “Hickory Grove Water Quality Improvement Project” was presented at the ISU Undergraduate Research Symposium and his study “Investigation into the Correlation between Electrical Conductivity and Total Dissolved Ions for Application in Watershed Modeling,” was showcased at the Annual Research in the Capital, held in the rotunda of the State Capital in April 2012.  He is also President of the ISU Cycling Club.

Sze Yuan Cheong

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Sze Yuan is from Johorbahrujohor, Malaysia.  He is on the Dean List for the College of Engineering and is active in the ISU Chapter of the Society of International Engineers, serving as the Travel Officer.  After graduation he hopes to assist others through his career in engineering.

Darwin Darlin

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Darwin is from Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.  He chose to come to Iowa State to study based upon its reputation as an excellent engineering school and that advice of a close relative.  He is the Public Relation Officer for the Indonesian Student Association.  After graduation he hopes to pursue a working as an engineer for a large multi-national corporation. 

Edgardo Diaz-Santiago

Aerospace Engineering

Edgardo is from Guayama. Porto Rico.  He is active in his residence hall serving as President of Hewitt House (Wilson Hall). After graduation he plans to either work for private industry or pursue graduate study in Aerospace Engineering.



Breanna Huth

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Breanna is from Bondurant, Iowa.  She is on the Dean List for the College of Engineering and is active in Women in Science and Engineering as a Peer Mentor and in the Society of Women Engineers as the Outreach Chair.  She has also served as Secretary of Henderson House (Friley Hall).

Ngoc Trinh Huynh

Mechanical Engineering

Ngoc is from Norwood, Massachusetts.  She chose to study engineering in order to gain the mechanical knowledge needed to design tools and machines that can benefit human lives and improve society.  Following graduation she hopes to pursue a career that benefits local communities.

Angelica Iacobucci

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Angelica is from St. Charles, Illinois.  She chose to attend Iowa State University because of the learning environment of the university and values the professors, students and people in the Ames Community who encourage and assist the academic success of students.  She is the recipient of an Engineering Undergraduate Merit Scholarship.  She serves as the Recycling Chair of Martin House (Campbell Hall).  She hopes to pursue a career in chemical engineering following graduation.


Daisy Isibor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Daisy is from Lagos, Nigeria.  She chose to attend Iowa State University because of its international reputation and the high educational standards and opportunities offered by its engineering programs.  She is active in the ISU Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers serving as the Academic Excellence Chair.  Following graduation she plans continue graduate studies and earn a PhD degree.

Hillary Kletscher

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Hillary is Lamberton, Minnesota.  She is active in several campus organizations including serving as a Government of the Student Body Senator from the College of Engineering and as a member of the Freshman Leaders in Engineering.  She has also been a member of the President’s Leadership Class and enjoys participating in intramural athletics, particularly basketball.  Following graduation she hopes to earn a Master’s Degree in Business Administration then pursue a career designing systems that will improve the energy sustainability and help others.

Emmet Knapp

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Emmet is from Des Moines, Iowa.  He serves as the Recycling Co-chair of Meeker House (Friley Hall).  In an effort to combine his academic studies with practical work experience he is working as a summer intern for McClure Engineering, an Iowa based Civil Engineering company.  Following graduation he hopes to find Civil Engineering work that will contribute to battering the lives of others.

Catherine Krezowski

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Catherine is from Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Within Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Catherine is planning to specialize in Environmental Engineering and minor in both Spanish and International Studies.  She is a member of the ISU Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers and a freshman representative on its cabinet.  Following graduation she hopes to attend graduate school and earn a maters degree in either Environmental Engineering or International Relations and gain international experience by working in the Peace Corps.

Benjamin Meier

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Benjamin is from Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.  Since the spring of 2012, Benjamin has been a member of Dr. Guiping Hu’s research team, working on economic analysis of renewable transportation fuel. Besides his academic work, Benjamin is an active member in the University Honors Program.  He is also Vice President of Friley Hall and has served as Intramural Chair of Godfrey House (Friley Hall) and will be serving as Community Advisor for Stanton House (Friley Hall).  Following graduation he is interested in pursuing a career in renewable resources.

Joseph Near

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Joseph is from Naperville, Illinois.  He is active in the Freshman Leaders in Engineering serving as the Chair for Communications, and in the residence halls serving as Recycling Chair for Lincoln House (Friley Hall).  When he graduates he hopes to attend graduate school and eventually work as an electrical engineer for a large company such as Garmin.

Altay Ozen

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Altay is from Ankara, Turkey.  He is on the Dean List for the College of Engineering and is serving on the planning committee for the 2012 Cyclone Family Weekend, as a member of the Communications and Promotions Committee.  Following graduation he hope to get a job as a computer engineer with a large company.

Rachel Philiph

Materials Science and Engineering

Rachel is from Wildwood, Missouri.  She chose to come to Iowa State University because of its strong program in Materials Science and Engineering, nice people and a beautiful campus.  She has been active in Freshman Council, Dance Marathon, Material Advantage and is member of the University Honors Program.  She has also undertaken research working with Dr. Kaitlin Bratlie through the Honors Peer Mentor Program.  During 2012-13 she plans to work as a Destination Iowa State Leader, be a First-year Honors Program Co-leader and serve as Secretary of Starbuck House (Martin Hall).  While she is undecided what she would like to do following graduation, she wants to make a difference in people’s lives and have an impact on the world.


Kathryn Powers

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Kathryn is from Ankeny, Iowa.  In addition to her engineering studies she is also majoring in French Language and Culture for Professionals. She is a member of the University Honors Program and a member of the ISU Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, serving as its Treasurer.  She plans to participate the study abroad program.  Upon graduation she plans to work in Europe as an industrial engineer and then attend graduate school.  



Ryan Smelser

Aerospace Engineering

Ryan is from Elkhorn, Nebraska.  Following graduation he hopes to attend graduate school or work for an engineering company using his engineering knowledge to better society.

Tyler Smith

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Tyler is from Glidden, Iowa.  Following graduation he hopes to undertake research in new and unexplored areas of chemistry and natural phenomena working for companies such as 3M or Dow Chemical.


Eli Vidana

Aerospace Engineering

Eli is from Deer Park, Texas.  He is the recipient of a George Washington Carver Scholarship and active in his residence hall serving as the Intramural Co-chair of Vollmer House (Freeman Hall).  Following graduation he would like to work for a startup aerospace engineering company. 


Paige Wilson

Materials Science and Engineering

Paige is from Maple Grove, Minnesota.  Within her major, she is specializing in polymers and textiles.  Following graduation she hopes to work for an active wear or outdoor apparel company to make their products more efficient and durable.

Max Wood

Materials Science and Engineering

Max is from Fort Dodge, Iowa.  He is on the Dean List for the College of Engineering. He is active in his residence hall and in 2012-13 will be Community Advisor for Lindstrom House (Birch Hall).  He is particularly concerned with social justice and is actively involved in ISU student organizations in this area, attending the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity.  


Yuanhan Xu

Mechanical Engineering

Yuanhan is from Beijing, China.  He is on the Dean List for the College of Engineering.  In addition to his academic studies he is a contributor to the Iowa State University Photostream.  Following graduation he plans to pursue a Masters Degree before beginning a career as a Mechanical Engineer.