2014 – 2015

Scholar Profiles

Lauren Bennett

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Lauren is from Norwalk, Iowa.  Within the Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Department she plans to specialize in Construction Engineering. After receiving her bachelor’s degree she hopes to earn a master’s degree in structures.  Her career goal is to work is to work in construction design for a general contractor of private design firm in Iowa.  As a freshman she was elected Webmaster of the ISU Chapter of the Design-Build Institute of America. She was also a member of the ISU team of construction engineering students that placed first in the Region D Design-Build Competition, hosted by the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA).  The competition included teams from universities in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.


Evan Blackwell

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Evan is from Waukee, Iowa.   Within his Electrical and Computer Engineering Department he is specializing in Software Engineering.  He is a member of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity.  During spring semester he was Philanthropy Chair of his fraternity and during the 2014-15 school year will be the Social Chair.  His career goals at the present are to work on video games or network security, although he anticipates these may change during the next 3 years before he graduates.


Lisa Boomgarden

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Lisa is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Within Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Department she is majoring in Industrial Engineering.  She chose to study engineering through her interest in Mathematics and Science classes and selected Industrial Engineering because of a desire to make industrial processes more efficient.



Khoi Cao

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Khoi is from Hanoi, Vietnam.  Within Electrical and Computer Engineering, he is majoring in Electrical Engineering.  He is a member of the ISU Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) student club.  As a member of IEEE he hopes to work with upper-class mentors, improve his technical skills and work on interesting projects.  He hopes to use his selection as a Tau Beta Pi – Iowa Alpha Scholar to broadened his connection to students outside his major.


Jacob Frazier-Flores

Aerospace Engineering

Jacob is from Palo, Iowa. Jacob was originally from California and chose to attend Iowa State University because of the quality of its engineering programs and his passion for science and exploring the unknown.  His career goal is to help develop new forms of space travel.


Ryan Gallus

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ryan is from Ames, Iowa.  Within Electrical and Computer Engineering, he is majoring in Computer Engineering.  He is a member of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity and is serving as Vice president of Risk Management and a member of the Dance Marathon Recruitment Committee.  During 2014-15 he will serve as a Destination Iowa State Team Leader, First Year Honors Program Leader and Community Advisor.  Ryan notes that he has wanted to be an engineer since he was small and frequently visited campus to attend engineering related events.  During high school he took all of the math, science and engineering classes offered.


Prerana Ganguly

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Prerana is from Mumbai, India.  She is majoring in Chemical Engineering.  Since coming the Iowa State University she has been very active in the student organization Engineers for a Sustainable World. Spring semester 2014 she was elected Secretary of the student organization and selected as Project leader for the Water Purification Project.  She also serves as an Iowa State International Student Ambassador.  She was named to the Dean’s List for the College of Engineering Spring semester 2014.  Following graduation she hopes to undertake research on alternative energy.


Natalie Hanson

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Natalie is from La Porte City, Iowa.  Within Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering her major is Biological Systems Engineering.  She is a National Merit Scholar and prior to coming to Iowa State she was president of her graduating class, Northeast Iowa FFA Secretary and Benton County 4-H Council member.  She was a member of the Iowa State Freshman Council serving as Secretary.  She also served as the Outreach Chair of Freshman Leadership in Engineering.  In her free time she enjoys reading and playing the piano. When she graduates she hopes to work in the food processing industry.


Bradley Jackson

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Bradley is from Rosemount, Minnesota.  He is majoring in Chemical Engineering.  He is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity serving as Executive Secretary.  He is also Team Leader for Destination Iowa State and a member of the Iowa State University Chapter of American Institute of Chemical Engineers.  He is in the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps.  Following graduation he plans serve in the Army Corps of Engineers as a combat officer helping protect american soldiers overseas.


Rex Ju

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Rex is from Cedar Falls, Iowa. He is majoring in Industrial Engineering.  He is a member of the Iowa State Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers serving as Outreach Chair.  He is also active within the College of Engineering and will be Co-chair of the Fall 2014 Engineering Career Fair.  He is active within his residence hall serving as President of Walls House in Maple Hall.  He has also served as the Finance Director of the CyServe Council. During summer 2014 he was an intern with the John Deere and hopes to get valuable work experience leading to a full time work as an engineer following graduation.


Matthew Lyons

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Matthew is from Morton, Illinois.  He is majoring in Civil Engineering.  He is a member of the Engineering Ambassador & Mentor Program (TEAM) and the Iowa State Basketball Association.  He has been on the College of Engineering Dean’s List and received recognition as being in the top 2% of students in the College of Engineering.  He his free time he enjoys being involved in sports and intramurals.  Following graduation he currently plans to work for a design firm involved in structural building design.


Max McDermott

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Max is from Clive, Iowa.  He is majoring in Chemical Engineering.  He is particularly interested in biomedical engineering and after graduation hopes to work in a medical related field concerned with development of better methods or devices for medicine delivery.


Timothy Phillips

Mechanical Engineering

Timothy is from Prole, Iowa.  He is the fourth child in his family who has or is attending college.  He is a member of the Iowa State University Cyclone Football “Varsity” Marching Band in which he plays trombone.  He enjoys studying with friends and working jointly with them on engineering related projects.


Rachel Pick

Aerospace Engineering

Rachel is from Saint Paul, Minnesota.  In addition to her academic studies, she was Treasurer of Freshman Leaders in Engineering and in 2014-15 on the Executive Board of the Engineering Student Council as Vice President of Finance.  She is a member of the mechanical team and social media administrator for the PrISUm Solar Car Team, and in 2014-15 will have the additional role of Fund Raising Director for the team. She is a member of the university’s women’s choir “Cantamus,” as well as an a cappella group called “Count Me In.” She is a member of the Iowa State Chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Program for Women in Science and Engineering.  She also volunteers in the scene shop in Fisher Theater.  After graduation she hopes to get a job in the aerospace industry, ideally with the Boeing Corporation, but is also considering studying for a Masters Degree in Business Administration.


Andrew Primmer

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Andrew is from Ames, Iowa.  She is majoring in Agricultural Engineering with emphasis on the power and machinery option.  He is also studying for a minor in Spanish.  He is a member of the Freshman Honors Program through which he has undertaken research in the area of Control and Sensing for Agricultural Systems.  He is a member of the Iowa State University Cyclone Football “Varsity” Marching Band and the Men’s Basketball Pep Band.  He is also a member of the Iowa State Chapter of the American Society of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.  During summer 2014 he was on a study abroad program to learn about Agricultural Mechanization in Brazil.  Following graduation he hopes to obtain an engineering position with a major agricultural machinery company.


Samantha Reyes

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Samantha is from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Her major is Chemical Engineering.  In addition to her academic studies she was a member of the 2013 Iowa State University Women’s Softball team. During the 2013 softball season she played in 25 games and was named to the Academic All-Big 12 Rookie Team.  She was also selected by the American Chemical Society as a 2013 American Chemical Society Scholars Winner.


Deidre Sechi

Mechanical Engineering

Deidre is from Overland Park, Kansas.  In addition to her academic studies she also undertakes research as an undergraduate research assistant in the ISU Hashemi Lab on Bio Microfluidic and Optofluidic Systems.  In 2012 she was awarded first place in the Iowa State Freshman Research Symposium for her research on a 3-D Diagnostic Device Based on Paper-Based Microfluidics. Having spent much of 2013 in the hospital undergoing treatment for cancer her dream is to develop medical devices that make patients more comfortable and enhances the quality of diagnosis for doctors.


Sarah Waste

Materials Science and Engineering

Sarah is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  She is majoring in Materials Engineering within the Materials Science and Engineering Department and plans to minor in biomedical engineering.  She is a member of the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women.  She hopes to someday work to improve artificial limbs or develop materials suitable for use in artificial organs.


Seth White

Materials Science and Engineering

Seth is from Ottumwa, Iowa.  He is majoring in Materials Engineering.  He is a member of the First Year Honors Program.  When not studying, he regularly lift weights and enjoys reading, listening to music, and playing disc golf and tennis.  He hopes to pursue a career in the development of cutting edge products such as new batteries, solar cells or light weight super alloys.


Veronica White

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Veronica is from Lincolnwood, Illinois.  Her major is Industrial Engineering.  In addition to her academic studies, she is a member of The Institute of Industrial Engineers, the Iowa State Singers and the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for women.  During Fall semester 2014 she will be a Supplemental Instruction Leader for Economics 101.   She is interested in the managerial aspects of Industrial Engineering and is considering studying for a MBA following graduation.


Bailey Young

Aerospace Engineering

Bailey is from Ackworth, Iowa.   He is a member of the Engineering Ambassador and Mentor Program (TEAM) and will serve as Tour Information Chair of TEAM in 2014-15.  Within Aerospace Engineering he is particular interested in increasing aircraft propulsion efficiency and following graduation he hopes to work as a propulsion engineer for Rolls-Royce or another aerospace company.


Tyler Young

Mechanical Engineering

Tyler is from Rock Port, Missouri.  Growing up he was active in Boy Scouts and FFA, where he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and earned his American Degree. Tyler is on the executive board for FarmHouse Fraternity, and he is a “Yell Like Hell” Co-chair for Fall 2014 Homecoming. He was on the College of Engineering Dean’s List Spring semester 2014.  This past summer he worked for Kinze Manufacturing as a Prototype, Tool & Die intern, where he learned how to fabricate and assemble Concept planters and Grain Carts.  He plans to enroll in the concurrent MBA Program his Junior year.