2010 – 2011

Justin Bentz

Aerospace Engineering

Justin is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He is member of the Engineering Ambassador/Mentor Program (TEAM). He chose to come to Iowa State as no universities in South Dakota offered programs in Aerospace Engineering and he liked the resources and variety of activities available to students at Iowa State. After graduation he plans to go on for advanced degrees and pursue a career in the private space industry or NASA.

Jacquelyn Brower

Mechanical Engineering

Jacquelyn is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. She is in the University Honors Program.

Dennes Burney

Aerospace Engineering

Dennes is from Blue Grass, Iowa. He has been interested in flying model airplanes and launching model rockets since he was a child. In addition to his academic studies he is President of his residence, Devitt House, Linden Hall. After graduation he hopes to work for an aerospace company or attend graduate school.

Chris Celania

Materials Science and Engineering

Chris is from Ottumwa, Iowa. His goal after graduation is to create products that can help the world to more forward. He would also like to return to Iowa State some day as a faculty member.

George Cherucheril

Electrical and Computer Engineering

George is from Prior Lake, Minnesota. In addition to a degree in Electrical Engineering he plans to earn an MBA. After graduation he hopes to work for an electrical power and energy systems company to help create better and more efficient ways to deliver electrical power for the benefit of society.

Jace Christensen

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Jace is from Carroll, Iowa. In addition to his academic studies he is active in intramural sports.

Daniel Diaz Martinez

Mechanical Engineering

Daniel is from Turbaco Bolivar, Colombia. He is in the University Honors Program. His father and older brother are both engineering graduates of Iowa State. He spent the summer at Iowa State taking classes and working in the Mechanical Engineering department. In addition to his studies he is Treasurer of the Alpha Lambda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma Honors Societies and publicity chair for the Iowa State University section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He is interested in working with children and disadvantaged youth.

Andrew Gall

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Andrew is from Burlington, Iowa. In addition to his engineering studies he is President of Iowa State University Freshman Leaders in Engineering. After graduation he hopes to work on solving some of the environmental challenges faced by society.

Ryan Hall

Chemical Engineering

Ryan is from Elko, Minnesota. He is in the University Honors Program and in addition to his studies, Ryan is active in research, community service and leadership activities. Organizations for which he has volunteered include the ISU Career Fair, Goodwill, Reiman Gardens and Urban Dreams. He is the Community Service Chair of the ISU Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. This summer he was in the Summer Program for Enhancing Engineering Development. His research related to diabetes has resulted in his changing his major from Electrical Engineering to Chemical Engineering and after graduation he hopes to attend medical school and pursue a career in medical research.

Matthew Hansen

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Matthew is from Audubon, Iowa. He grew up on a family farm and following graduation he hopes to work in agriculture making it more efficient and earth friendly.

Szuyin Leow

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Szuyin is from Apple Valley, Minnesota. She spent the summer as an intern with General Mills in Belvidere, Illinois and hopes to work for General Mills after graduation. In addition to her engineering studies, she would like to learn Mandarin, the main language spoken by her relatives in Malaysia. She is interested in participating in the study abroad program in Malaysia and a possible overseas internship in China.

Kunwei Liu

Materials Science and Engineering

Kunwei is from Guangzhou, China. In addition to majoring in engineering he is pursuing an economics minor. During the coming year he will be a research assistant in the Materials Science and Engineering department. After graduation he plans to continue graduate study in Materials Science and Engineering.

Cody Meschke

Industrial Engineering

Cody is from Faribault, Minnesota. Cody chose to come to Iowa State because of the quality of its engineering college. In addition to pursuing his degree in Industrial Engineering he hopes to graduate with an MBA.

Alexandra Meyer

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Alexandra is from North Aurora, Illinois. She hopes to go on for a Master Degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering following graduation and would like to focus on finding alternatives to petroleum based fuels. She is particularly interested in the more efficient production of hydrogen fuel cells and their application to transportation.

Sameer Mohd

Aerospace Engineering

Sameer is from New Delhi, India. He is particularly pleased to be able to pursue an engineering degree at Iowa State. During the past year he participated in the Student Activities Center “Fresh Fotos” program which gives students the opportunity to document their first year experience at ISU. He is also the Sports Club Council representative of the ISU Cricket Club.

Ashley Nelson

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ashley is from Saint Charles, Illinois.

Ryan Page

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Ryan is from Lake View, Iowa. He was the 2009 Sac County Hixson Award recipient and is a member of the E2020 Scholars Program in the College of Engineering. He plans to major in engineering management and will also pursue an MBA. He enjoys listening to music, traveling and reading online. Ryan hopes to someday own his own engineering firm.

Kayla Ranney

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Kayla is from Ames, Iowa. She is majoring in environmental engineering. She is active in the Society of Women Engineers as the Campus Relations Chair and attending the 2009 SWE National Conference in Long Beach, California. This past summer she participated in the “Applied Methods of Sustainable Engineering and International Development” study abroad program in Mali, West Africa.

Kelsey Regan

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Kelsey is from Davenport, Iowa. She is majoring in Biological Systems Engineering and International Agriculture and hopes to contribute to solving agricultural and environmental problems in developing countries after graduation. This past summer she participated in an engineering technology study tour to Brazil and during the coming year plans to spend a semester studying aboard at the Brazil Federal University of Vicosa.

Yiqi Sun

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Yiqi is from Shenyang, China. She is in the Honor Program and a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma Honors Societies. She is interested in doing biochemical relate research and plans to undertake graduate studies in engineering and obtain an MBA before pursuing a career in the biomedical or cosmetic industry. She is Vice President of the Students Volunteer Service and helped organize food drives at ISU and in the Ames community. She is also the Volunteer Coordinator for the International Student Council.

Daniel Voss

Materials Science and Engineering

Daniel is from Atkins, Iowa. He is majoring in material engineering with a minor in economics and hopes to earn the university’s Certificate in Community Leadership and Public Service. He is a member of the President’s Leadership Class and an Engineering Senator in the Government of the Student Body. He is undertaking undergraduate research in the physics department and is active in Engineers without Borders. Following graduation, Daniel plans to earn a Masters Degree before entering industry and hopes to be active in non-profit and public sector activities.

Liu Yang

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Liu is form Zhengzhou, China. Her major area of study is civil engineering. Following graduation she plans to earn an advanced degree and then pursue a career in civil engineering.