MSE Summer Program at Brunel University Info Night- Feb. 1

MSE Summer Program at Brunel University

London, England

Information Night

Thursday, February 1

5pm or 6pm

1306 Elings

BONUS: Free pizza and soda

  • Six-week stay on the campus of Brunel University, Uxbridge, on the outskirts of London (40 minute subway ride to Big Ben and Parliament!), satisfies International Perspectives requirement!
  • 3 credits apply to a Materials Science class that covers the same material as the basic materials class Mat E 273, and satisfies the Mat E 215 requirement for Mat E majors!
  • 3 credits apply to a class on Women’s Roles in Industry (satisfies the U.S. Diversity requirement!)
  • Tours of industry and cultural/historical sites related to the classes.
  • ISUAbroad Brochure

Group in front of Westminster

Brunel group in factory

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