Jun Cui


Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engineering


2220 Hoover
528 Bissell Rd.
Ames, IA 500111096


Jun Cui joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Iowa State University July 2015. He also holds a Senior Scientist position at Ames Laboratory (a U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory). Prior to joining ISU and Ames Lab, Dr. Cui served as a Senior Scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2010-2015), worked as Lead Scientist for GE Global Research Center (2005-2010), and received post-doc training at University of Maryland (2002-2005).

Dr. Cui’s research focuses on ferroic materials and their applications in clean energy applications. Current research projects include (1) high fatigue life elastocaloric and shape memory materials for cooling and actuation; (2) magnetocaloric gas liquefaction; (3) high silicon content electrical steel for transformer and motors; (4) rare-earth-free permanent magnetic materials for motors; (5) high throughput alloy development for light weight structural materials and for harsh environmental applications.

Dr. Cui has extensive experience in leading and participating large federal and industrial research programs. In 2019, he led 4 projects funded by DOE/EERE. They are (1) Cost Effective 6.5% Silicon Steel Laminate for Electric Machines; (2) Magnetics for Ultra-High Speed Transformative Electric Motor (Multi-EM); (3) Maturation of Magnet Materials for Manufacturing; (4) Magnetocaloric Hydrogen/Oxygen Liquefaction. In addition, Dr. Cui collaborates with Dr. Duane Johnson and served as task leads for the project Design of High-Temperature Multi-Principal Element Alloys: accurate theory-guided design validated by high-throughput experiments.

Dr. Cui’s group manages extensive materials synthesis, sample preparation and characterization capability for the department and for the Ames Laboratory. His group consists of 4 staff scientists, 1 technician, 3 graduate students and 3 undergraduates students.


  • 2002   Ph.D. in Mechanics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2000   M. Eng. in Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2000   M. S. in Mechanics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1992   B. S. in Materials Science, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China


Selected Publications (10/65)


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