Shapiro, Howard

Howard Shapiro image

Teaching Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Emeritus Faculty | ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Energy conversion Energy Efficiency Heating ventilating and air conditioning HVAC productivity in industrial processes Refrigeration Thermodynamics Waste reductions

Biswas, Rana

Rana Biswas image

Adjunct Professor and Scientist IV

Staff | Ames Laboratory Of US DOE ECpE Adjunct Faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering Microelectronics Research Center | Computational Materials Science Drug Delivery Electronic Materials Energy conversion Energy Efficiency Materials Characterization Nanophotonics Simulation Solar Energy

Harmon, Jay

Jay Harmon image

Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach
Director for Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension and Outreach
Professor of ABE

Faculty | ABE Faculty AG & Life Sci Administration Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Extension To Agriculture Vice President Extension And Outreach | Animal Production Systems Energy conversion

Cui, Jun

Jun Cui image

Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty | Materials Science and Engineering MSE Faculty | Additive Manufacturing Advanced materials Energy conversion Energy Efficiency Energy Harvesting HVAC Magnetic materials Materials under Extreme Environments Mechanical Properties of Materials Phase Transformations in Metals

Wu, Yue

Yue Wu image

Professor, Herbert L. Stiles Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Faculty | CBE Professors Chemical and Biological Engineering | Advanced materials Electrocatalysis Electronic Materials Energy conversion Energy Harvesting Heat Transfer Materials Characterization Materials under Extreme Environments Nanomaterials Nanotechnology Surfaces and interfaces

Bai, Xianglan

Xianglan Bai image

Associate Professor
Associate Chair for Research
Mechanical Engineering

Faculty | CBE Courtesy Appointments ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Biobased Materials Bioenergy Biofuels Biorenewables Carbon fibers Energy conversion Energy Efficiency Environmental Sustainability Materials Processing Mechanical Properties of Materials

Dalal, Vikram

Vikram Dalal image

Anson Marston Distinguished Professor

Faculty | ECpE Faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering Microelectronics Research Center | Electronic Materials Energy conversion Materials Characterization Nanomaterials Solar Energy

Hu, Hui

Hui Hu image

Anson Marston Distinguished Professorship in Engineering
Martin C. Jischke Professor in Aerospace Engineering
Associate Dept. Chair for Graduate Education
Director, Aircraft Icing Physics & Anti-/De-Icing Technology Laboratory
Director, Advanced Flow Diagnostics & Experimental Aerodynamics Lab

Faculty | AERE Faculty Aerospace Engineering | Additive Manufacturing aircraft icing physics and anti-icing/de-icing technology cooling technology and thermal management of gas turbines Energy conversion Energy Efficiency Experimental Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer Experimental fluid dynamics and advanced laser diagnostics Fluid-structure interactions of built structures in violent stormwinds Heat transfer and thermal management of gas turbines micro-flows and micro-scale heat transfer of microfluidics