Shapiro, Howard

Howard Shapiro image

Teaching Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Emeritus Faculty | ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Energy conversion Energy Efficiency Heating ventilating and air conditioning HVAC productivity in industrial processes Refrigeration Thermodynamics Waste reductions

Biswas, Rana

Rana Biswas image

Adjunct Professor and Scientist IV

Staff | Ames Laboratory Of US DOE ECpE Adjunct Faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering Microelectronics Research Center | Computational Materials Science Drug Delivery Electronic Materials Energy conversion Energy Efficiency Materials Characterization Nanophotonics Simulation Solar Energy

Cui, Jun

Jun Cui image

Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty | Materials Science and Engineering MSE Faculty | Additive Manufacturing Advanced materials Energy conversion Energy Efficiency Energy Harvesting HVAC Magnetic materials Materials under Extreme Environments Mechanical Properties of Materials Phase Transformations in Metals Smart materials Structure-property relationships Wind Energy

Bai, Xianglan

Xianglan Bai image

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Faculty | CBE Courtesy Appointments ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Biobased Materials Bioenergy Biofuels Biorenewables Carbon fibers Energy conversion Energy Efficiency Environmental Sustainability Materials Processing Mechanical Properties of Materials

Dalal, Vikram

Vikram Dalal image

Anson Marston Distinguished Professor

Faculty | ECpE Faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering Microelectronics Research Center | Electronic Materials Energy conversion Materials Characterization Nanomaterials Solar Energy

Hu, Hui

Hui Hu image

Martin C. Jischke Professor
Associate Dept. Chair for Graduate Education
Director, Aircraft Icing Physics & Anti-/De-Icing Technology Laboratory
Director, Advanced Flow Diagnostics & Experimental Aerodynamics Lab

Faculty | AERE Professors Aerospace Engineering | Additive Manufacturing aircraft icing physics and anti-icing/de-icing technology cooling technology and thermal management of gas turbines Energy conversion Energy Efficiency Experimental Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer Experimental fluid dynamics and advanced laser diagnostics Fluid-structure interactions of built structures in violent stormwinds Heat transfer and thermal management of gas turbines micro-flows and micro-scale heat transfer of microfluidics