Yue Wu


Professor, Herbert L. Stiles Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Director of Research


2033 Sweeney
618 Bissell Rd.
Ames, IA 50011-1098


Honors and Awards

  • Mid-Career Achievement in Research Award. College of Engineering, Iowa State University, 2019
  • “40 Under 40” award, Midwest Energy News, 2017
  • Miller Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley 2006-2009
  • DuPont Young Professor Award, 2010
  • Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship, 2010, 2011, and 2012
  • One of the two invited speakers from United States (totally ten worldwide) for Japan Nano 2013 sponsored by Japan National Institute of Materials Sciences and Japan Ministry of Education, 2013
  • Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate Student Gold Award, 2005
  • “2014 Emerging Investigators,” selected by Journal of Materials Chemistry A (Materials for Energy and Sustainability) to recognize the very best work from materials chemists in the early stages of their independent career.
  • “Rising Star” selected by U.S. Council of Chemical Research, 2015.
  • Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum Young Investigator Award from American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2016.

Work Experience

  • 2009-2014; Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University (received an early promotion to tenured associate professor in April 2014).
  • 2006-2009; Miller Research Fellow, University of California at Berkeley.

Professional Memberships

  • American Chemical Society
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Materials Research Society


  • Ph.D. Chemistry, Harvard University, 2006
  • B.S. Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China, 2001

Interest Areas

  • Novel 2D transition metal carbide and nitride materials and alloy based advanced coating and heterogenous catalysis.
  • Scalable nanomaterials production and processing; Materials for extreme condition requiring ultra high chemical stability, hardness, and thermal conductivity.
  • Thermoelectric based energy harvesting and solid-state cooling; Thermal transport at interface; Thermal transport and storage in phase transition materials.

Research Projects

Our group addresses the challenges in bulk nanostructured composite materials. Our research includes the rational design, scalable synthesis, hierarchical assembly, and controlled consolidation of molecular nanostructured materials, elucidation of the fundamental electronic, thermal, catalytic, and mechanical properties of these bulk nanocomposite materials, and exploration of new fundamental science and potential engineering device applications.

For details, please visit our group’s website here.


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  • Li, Zhe; Cui, Yanran; Wu, Zhenwei; Milligan, Cory; Zhou, Lin; Mitchell, Garrett; Xu, Biao; Shi, Enzheng; Miller, Jeffrey T.; Ribeiro, Fabio H.; Wu, Yue.* Reactive-metal support interactions at moderate temperature in two-dimensional niobium carbide supported platinum catalysts, Nature Catalysis, 2018, 1, 349–355, highlighted by Nature Catalysis (Prof. Wilfred T. Tysoe, “Easy alloying on flat carbides”).
  • Xu, Biao; Feng, Tianli; Li, Zhe; Pantelides, Sokrates T.; Wu, Yue*. Constructing Highly Porous Thermoelectric Monoliths with High-Performance and Improved Portability from Solution-Synthesized Shape-Controlled Nanocrystals, Nano Letters (impact factor 12.712), 2018, 18, 4034-4039.
  • Xu, Biao; Feng, Tianli; Li, Zhe; Zhou, Lin; Pantelides, Sokrates T.; Wu, Yue*. Creating Zipper‐like van der Waals Gap Discontinuity in Low-Temperature Processed Nanostructured PbBi2nTe1+3n for Enhanced Phonon Scattering and Improved Thermoelectric Performance, Angewandte Chemie International Edition (impact factor 12.102), 2018, 57,10938-10943.
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  • Li, Zhe; Wu, Yue* Two-dimensional early transition metal carbides (MXenes) for catalysis. Invited Review, Small (impact factor 9.598), 2018, 1804736.
  • Li, Zhe; Qi, Zhiyuan; Wang, Siwen; Ma, Tao; Zhou, Lin; Wu, Zhenwei; Luan, Xuechen; Lin, Fang-Yi; Chen, Minda; Miller, Jeffrey T.;  Xin, Hongliang *; Huang, Wenyu*; Wu, Yue* In Situ Formed Pt3Ti Nanoparticles on a Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Carbide (MXene) Used as Efficient Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reactions. Nano Letters (Impact factor 12.080), 2019,19, 5102-5108.