Thoomatti Haridass, Vignesh Kumar

Vignesh Kumar Thoomatti Haridass image Postdoc Research Associate [E CPE]

Postdoc Research Associate

External Staff | ECpE Postdoctoral Appointments Electrical and Computer Engineering | Food and agricultural system improvements and evaluation Microelectronics Nanotechnology

Xia, Wenjie

Wenjie Xia image Associate Professor [AER E]
External Faculty | AERE Faculty Aerospace Engineering | Advanced materials Computational Materials Science Computational Mechanics Data-Driven Eng and Sci Functional polymers and composites High Performance Computing Machine Learning Nanotechnology Polymers Soft matter

Kozminsky, Molly

Molly Kozminsky image

Assistant Professor

External Faculty | CBE Professors Chemical and Biological Engineering | Biomedical Engineering Cancer Engineering Microfabrication Nanotechnology

Liu, Lingling

Lingling Liu image

Adjunct Assistant Professor

External Faculty | ABE Faculty Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering | Biopolymers Food chemistry Food digestion Food engineering Foodborne viruses Materials Characterization Nanocellulose Nanomaterials Nanotechnology Norovirus

Wu, Yue

Yue Wu image

Professor, Herbert L. Stiles Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

External Faculty | CBE Professors Chemical and Biological Engineering | Advanced materials Electrocatalysis Electronic Materials Energy conversion Energy Harvesting Heat Transfer Materials Characterization Materials under Extreme Environments Nanomaterials Nanotechnology Surfaces and interfaces

Wang, Qun

Qun Wang image

Research Assistant Professor

External Faculty | CBE Professors Chemical and Biological Engineering | Biomaterials Drug Delivery Nanotechnology Organoid

Balasubramanian, Ganesh

Ganesh Balasubramanian image Affiliate Assistant Professor [M E]

Mechanical Engineering

External Staff | Mechanical Engineering | First principles calculations Molecular dynamics simulations Nanomaterials Nanoscience Nanotechnology Transport phenomena

Dong, Liang

Liang Dong image

Vikram L. Dalal Professor
Director of Microelectronics Research Center (MRC)

External Faculty | ECpE Faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering Microelectronics Research Center | Advanced materials Biomedical Engineering BioMEMS Biosensors and point of care diagnostics Digital agriculture Electronic Materials Environmental Sustainability Microelectronics Nanotechnology Semiconductor