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Law School Partnerships

The Iowa State University College of Engineering has formed partnerships with three renowned law schools to provide opportunities for its engineering graduates who wish to continue their education by pursuing Juris Doctorate degrees. These partnerships with Drake University Law SchoolUniversity of Iowa College of Law and Indiana University Maurer School of Law, provides training in patent law, intellectual property law and other law school emphases that utilize the unique analytical skills developed through an engineering education. These agreements include the opportunity for scholarships to qualified Iowa State current engineering students or alumni to help reduce the cost of a law school education.

Drake University
Law School

The Cyclone Scholars program:

  • Students admitted to the Drake University Law School will be guaranteed a $5,000 scholarship for each of the three years in Law School and this award will be in addition to any other scholarships such students are awarded.
  • In their final year of study in their engineering degree program at Iowa State, prospective students will apply to the Law School through the Law School’s standard application procedures.

Contact Information:
Miguel Schor, Professor of Law
Drake University Law School
Phone: 515 271-4184

University of Iowa
College of Law

Engineering Law Scholarships:

  • Each qualified Engineering Law Scholar will receive a scholarship amounting to at least 50% of the student’s tuition for three years. Provided the student remains in good academic and professional standing, this scholarship will automatically be renewed for the second and third years. Students will also be considered for other scholarships.
  • Beginning in the first year of law school, each Engineering Law Scholar will be assigned a faculty mentor.
  • Students who seek research assistantships in the second or third year of law school receive priority consideration for such a position.

Contact Information:
Susan Palmer, Director of Financial Aid and Research Assistantships
University of Iowa College of Law
Phone: 319 335-9164

Indiana University
Maurer School of Law

The Iowa State University Intellectual Property Law Scholars Program:

  • For qualified engineering students interested in intellectual property legal studies.
  • Students admitted to the program will receive: (1) a scholarship amounting to approximately a 50% of tuition, in the amount of $45,000 for in-state residents and $75,000 for out-of-state residents; (2) receive mentorship through a formal mentor program offered through the Center for Intellectual Property Research; and (3) be offered a research assistant position in their second year of law school. Students will also be eligible through the Center for Intellectual Property Research to apply and interview for IP clinic and externship opportunities.

Contact Information:
Janet Hein, Director of Admissions
Indiana University Maurer School of Law
Phone: 812 855-4765

Other Law School Opportunities

Emory’s “Juris Master” degree is a one-year master’s degree for non-lawyers, including young professionals pursuing careers in engineering.  The Juris Master (JM) program seeks to meet the growing demand for an understanding of law and regulation, if engineering and technology professionals are to effectively navigate the growing role of regulatory oversight, compliance, and risk and liability issues in their field.
Contact Information:
Juris Master program
Lynn Labuda, Director of Graduate Programs
Emory Law, Emory University
Phone: 404-712-1397